Yes, I Quit My Job to Earn Passive Income While Sitting on the Beach All Day!

The following article is a guest post by Patrick Meninga of  He recently sold his website for $200,000 dollars.

After working at traditional day jobs for a few decades, I decided that I wanted more out of life. Specifically, I was interested in:

  • Time freedom – the ability to work when I wanted and be my own boss, rather than having to show up at scheduled times.
  • Mobility – the ability to work from anywhere in the world.
  • Financial independence – the ability to enjoy my time freedom without being seriously limited due to financial constraints.

If you work too hard for your money then you never have any time to enjoy it.

On the other hand, if you coast along doing very little work and creating almost no value, you don’t have enough money to really enjoy your free time and do the things that you want to do.

This was the dilemma that I set out to solve when I was trapped in a 40 hour per week day job.

Here is how I solved it, and how you could potentially do the same thing.

Create an authority website

I created a single website in a potentially lucrative niche, and I proceeded to work on this website for a period of four years.

If you have some expertise regarding your topic then doing this will result in an “authority website.”

When you first start publishing to your brand new website, it will be far from being an authority.  But this will change over time as:

  • The site ages in the eyes of search engines.
  • The site earns organic incoming links from trusted sources.
  • The site grows from a few dozen articles to a few hundred and potentially a thousand or more some day.

If you choose to pursue the authority website model, do not fall into the trap of diversification. Having more than one web property becomes a liability in such cases, because your time and energy is halved or even worse for your flagship project.

Better in this case to focus all of your available resources to a single website.  This will lead to “authority status” much quicker.

If you concentrate on a single website, you enjoy the following powerful benefits:

  • All of your link building is supporting a single website. * All of your new content that you publish helps to expand a single website.
  • All of your social promotion is pointing at a single website.

This is the secret to creating success in a timely manner.  Forget diversification and instead, concentrate.  You will build authority much quicker that way.

Quality defined: Learn to write original and helpful content

You have probably heard the “quality content” mantra quite a bit in your online marketing journey.

It is true that you need quality content.  But what does that actually mean?

I propose that your content should be:

  • Original – it should contain insight and ideas that cannot be found elsewhere on the web.  This is important, because no one will ever spread your message or link to you if your articles simply rehash existing content that is commonplace.  Your unique knowledge, perspective, and expertise have to bring something NEW to the web.
  • Helpful – if your expert insights do not serve to help anyone, why will they care?  Your readers have to care about your website if you are going to build a sustainable business.

Hopefully you choose a topic for your authority website in which your expertise allows you to be both original and helpful when you publish new articles.

Publish daily

An authority website makes money based on traffic that it gets every day.  In order to get more traffic you need lots of articles.

The easiest way to have a large website is to build it yourself, one day at a time.  I recommend that you aim for publishing three articles each and every day.  Such a publishing quota will help you to build a powerful website in a fairly short period of time.

My website did not really start making “live on the beach all day money” until I go serious and added over 500 articles to it.  Within less than a year of doing so I was able to quit my day job.  Later on I sold out for six figures, and now live mostly on investment income.

This is all possible based on having a high volume of articles on a single authority website.

The tricky thing is that they must be quality articles as well.  Work your way up to publishing two or three articles daily while making sure that you maintain high quality.

Sustain this publishing rate for over a year and you will have an income generating asset on your hands.

Choose the right topic, sustain it for several years, and you may well have a six figure website on your hands.

Promote the site and allow time for it to age

There are plenty of ways to automate website promotion or create manufactured links by the dozen.

Most of that stuff probably will not help you.

Instead, focus on real world networking, reaching out to other website owners in your same niche.

Have actual conversations with these webmasters.  Leave some insightful and meaningful comments on their site.  Slowly build a relationship with them.

The end goal here is a guest post with a link pointing back to your website.

Hard work?  You bet it is.  Most people will not do this, which gives you a huge opportunity.

Do the promotional work to get quality links, and reap the rewards.  This is how you build authority.

Doing this often will take time, which is fine because your website needs time in order to age anyway.

Authority and website age tend to grow together.  It takes time and persistence to build authority that leads to sustainable income.

However, what is your alternative?  To simply waste time and NOT build an income generating asset? Which would you rather do?

Put in the work and you can be “living the dream” like I am:

  1. Create a single authority website in a lucrative niche.
  2. Publish useful and original articles on a regular basis.
  3. Promote the site with high quality backlinks via genuine networking.
  4. Be patient enough to see the money start rolling in as your authority builds.

This is exactly how I built my six figure website.

Feel free to ask any questions and I will answer them in the comments.  Thanks!

Dean Saliba

Dean Saliba is a freelance writer, professional blogger, media enthusiast, dirty football player and huge professional wrestling fan who covers a wide range of subjects and niches including, making money online, traffic generating, pro wrestling, blog reviews, football, how-to guides, music, internet marketing and more.


  • I believe you can build an authority website only if you are full time blogger. For a part time blogger, authority websites becomes a tough task as it involves good link building and writing daily

  • @ Tushar – I half agree with you! But the other half of that is that my parents are posting less frequently, only about twice per week, but they are building a “real” authority blog as well. Only they are very patient, and are willing to wait several years for big results.

  • Congratulations on selling your site for $200,000 Patrick. I would love to live a life of freedom near a beach. I hope I will get their someday. wish everyone else out there the best in achieving their dreams as well. Thanks for the tips.

    – Robert

  • @ P90X – Come join me on the beach! It is a decision you have to make to get here, and it is basically this: “I am going to work hard on the web for a few years.” That’s it. Find the discipline to put in the work and you can have your dreams. Thanks for your comment.

  • Amanda DiSilvestro

    (January 11, 2012 - 6:03 pm)

    What a great story! And great advice. I’ll definitely take this heart and hopefully be writing something similar somewhere down the line. Good for you =)

  • @ Amanda – Work hard, publish daily, and hopefully you can hit the beach too someday! Very excited, I am leaving for Marco Island in 7 days! Thanks for your comment!

  • Good write-up, Patrick. Always good to read a story about one’s liberation from the 9 to 5 monotony and how to go about it like you have described from your experiences.


  • Always fun to read about someone who has succeeded, of course, requires great patience and a lot of ideas to write three articles each day. Congratulations to your success.

  • @ Tires – Thanks, and I hope you are well on your way to passive income as well!

    @ Lennart – Yup it took the patience of a few years but well worth it. Thank you!

  • My congrats to you too for selling your website, it was a great deal and I’m inspired by your strategies. You make things sound so much easier. I’d certainly want to enjoy my life without working but its the other way round for me 😉 Thanks for your sound advice.

  • @ New York Hifu – Yeah I am pumped about the sale and loving life! Now I can focus on building my next business, rather than working for an hourly wage. Thanks for your comment!

  • What if you have the personality type that likes to do more than one niche at a given time? For example, I had a dating site for 3 years, but it represented a phase in my life and I lost interest in the topic. And thus is the same with many people who write content everyday on the same thing. DO you think it’s possible to diversify and have a series of website niches to go after or do you spread yourself too thin doing this?


    • That is down to individual personal opinion, it is just like the question “do you like Marmite?”

      Personally I do not see anything wrong with running mutiple blogs in different niches so long as you can handle it. I’m assuming Patrick’s reasoning for only sticking with one blog is so you can concentrate fully on that blog (most people don’t have the attention span to concentrate equally on more than one blog).

  • One of the things I never get tired of is hearing the success stories from readers of my blog. Normally, it’s a conversation shared between me and the reader. However, I decided to film a few of them this time.

  • Aren’t all of us dreaming about this? Hope one day i can say the same 😉

  • You have touched on some excellent points. I agree that brand awareness is very important. Establishing ones credibility and building trust is essential in any industry be it marketing, PR, or even journalism. ..

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