WordPress 3.0.5: Another Security Update

WordPress have released another security update of their WordPress blogging platform. Titled 3.05, it is a security update (yeah, another one) that will hopefully keep our blogs nice and secure until they finally release 3.1.

The upgrade looks at patching several security problems:

1. Two security issues that would have allowed a author or contributor-level user to gain greater access to the site.

2. Another security issue that would have allowed an author-level user to read information they weren’t supposed to access, such as drafts or private posts.

3. Two additional security issues that help secure plugins, especially those that don’t use WordPress’ built-in security API.

WordPress have also released the 4th RC version of 3.1 which hopefully means that the final (and stable) version will be released to the public very soon. 🙂

The security problems patched with this upgrade look to be very basic errors that should have been spotted when 3.0 first came out.

Download 3.0.5 here

Dean Saliba

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