WordPress 2.5 Preview Part Two


The write screen has also been given a working over and now only shows the most common things that you use a lot, anything else you don#’t use that often is hidden away until you decide that you wish to use it.


The manage page has been designed so that it looks exactly the same as the other management pages (comments, pages, etc) and it has been tinkered with to speed it up. Again a few of the unimportant things have been removed or hidden until needed at a later date.


There are other things that have been changed as well such as a new and funky colour scheme, but if you hate it and want the old one back then you can just switch it back to “Classic” in the Options section of the admin panel.

This is also pluggable so you can actually add and share your colour schemes with other users.

Release Candidate 1 is now available but please beware that this is a very early BETA release and there will be bugs so only install this if you make regular back-ups of your database and wish to help out the deveopment team.


Dean Saliba

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