WordPress 2.5 Preview Part One

Although it is not being released yet WordPress have decided to tease us by allowing us to have a look at the new features that will be included in their new 2.5 version of the awesome blogging script.

There are so many new features that this article will be cut into two posts so you can take it all in.


This has always been the first page you see when you log into the admin panel and they wanted it to have as much information on it as possible for you. Such as latest news, posts, comments, etc.

Apparently most users ignore this page for various reason so the designers hve given it a complete overhaul and have simplfied the designe.

  • What is posted.
  • What is scheduled to b posted.
  • List of comments.
  • Incoming links.
  • Blog stats.
  • Plus WordPress news and updates.

There is also a new feature where you can add an RSS feed.


Although I found the navigation quite easy it did apparently confuse a lot of people so Wordpess have decied to redesigned the menu at the top of the admin panel. They have set it it so that only the relevent sub menu links show up.

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