WordPress 2.9.1 Updatee Released

At some point late yesterday evening WordPress released the 2.9.1 update patch which has the fixes to the bugs that were found in 2.9, and trust me there were a hell of a lot of bugs found in 2.9.

It fixes a lot of problems but the most important ones are the blank page when leaving comments and the scheduling bug (scheduled posts not publishing when meant to).

It also contains security solutions that were spotted in the original release.

I’d advise everyone to upgrade as soon as possible.

Download 2.9.1 Here

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14 thoughts on “WordPress 2.9.1 Updatee Released

  1. Paula

    I have been progressively upgrading my blogs. I always like to start with the less significant blogs in case something goes wrong.

  2. seo services

    This certainly resolves some of the problems I was having earlier. That said, it doesn’t seem as snappy as 2.9, now. Perhaps this is the result of having “working code” 😛

    • Steven Richardson Post author

      You are very correct l. I would have written about it but it happened at a time when I was having some problems offline.

      Thanks for letting everyone know. :o)

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