Why Copywriting Services Are Best For SEO

If you’re an expert at writing, you don’t need to worry about your content – you’ll be able to create compelling, sparkling content that is SEO compliant and creates the perfect impression every time.

But – if you’re not the kind of business owner that can handle their own copywriting services in house, maybe you should outsource.

Outsourcing for SEO purposes

It’s critical to understand that for SEO purposes are vital for companies. I think it’s something that’s often overlooked, which can create problems for most of your business, without anyone realising it until things are too late – and damage done by poor copy can be lasting. Especially in SEO stakes, in places where you may have submitted articles you no longer have control over.

Why you can’t use PLR or other content that you modify and is sold to more than one person

I’ve seen so much poor quality content that is identical lately that it didn’t take long to track down where it was coming from – sets of articles that had been sold and were supposed to be edited. And there’s something even worse than PLR – Private label content that’s been passed through a spinner.<, editing your content to ensure that it’s unique in the eyes of a search engine. Unfortunately, swapping a word for another word that has a similar meaning could change the whole context of a piece, or just not make sense. And if that content is out there, and on blogs that you can’t edit, you may look unprofessional at best. At worst, you could lose position as someone to trust in the community.

So, what can a business do?

Straight away, the most important thing any business can do is find copywriting services that they trust. Once they’ve done that, it’s easy to create content – trusting your copywriter is most of the battle. Once you’ve managed to ensure that you’re working with the best copywriting services that you can, your content will probably become much easier to manage, and will be easier to produce.

After that, it’s basically a question of deciding on keywords and creating content. It’s not the most difficult thing to do, especially with the support of a copywriter who is both knowledgeable and engaged with your business.

One or many over time?

I’ve always found that another burning question that businesses have is whether to use one copywriter, or a set of them over time. If you can, consistency is the key, so it’s important, if you can, to stick with the same copywriter. Teams of smaller copywriters make this more likely, so finding a company with copywriters that are identified, even if you deal with them through one contact is preferable to content farms. It may be slightly more expensive than hiring a content farm or advertising your content on a content booking site, but it’ll be worthwhile. We work as a team to ensure that our clients are satisfied and create content that looks good and works well for our readers and clients.

It all depends on the content you need though – you might be able to use a general pool for one type, but need one writer for your very specialist writing. If you’ve got writing that requires special skills, you need to check carefully before hiring anyone to do it, and ensure their samples match what you need.

Dean Saliba

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