What to Do if Your Domain Name of Choice Has Been Taken?

If you’re in the process of establishing an online presence, often you come upon some stumbling blocks. Unfortunately, often a domain name that best represents your online business has been taken, even including the name of your own company. So, what you should do if your desired domain name has been taken. Luckily, we have a number of options at our disposal to deal with this problem, because the truth is, we will come across this issue at some point. There are simply too many people in the Internet, each with diverse goals and interests; consequently, we may not always be able to get the domain that best matches their situations and goals.

These are possible options:

Change the Extension: You may need to change the extension of your preferred domain name. By far, the .com extension is the most popular, so perhaps the .domain name with net, .org or .info extension is still available. You may also choose an extension that is unique to your geographical location or country.

Add Dashes: Dashes is allowed to be used in the URL name, so if www.yourfavoritekeywords.com has been taken, you can try www.your-favoritekeywords.com or www.yourfavorite-keywords.com. However, you shouldn’t use more than two dashes, because it can get excessive very easily. You shouldn’t use underscore, because it can be detrimental to your rankings and can ruin the visual value of your domain name. When used properly, dashes can actually beneficial, because your domain names are memorable or clearer.

Use New Keywords or Phrases: If you’re not interested in alternative domain extensions or dashes, you should consider adding an extra keyword to allow you use primary keywords in the URL. This method is beneficial, because it can refine your URL better, however you should avoid using more than three keywords, because it can be harder for users to remember it. While having perfect keywords are useful, you don’t really need a perfect match to get a good ranking in the search result. Try to use synonyms of your primary keywords and use different variations of the phrase, after a few tries. Sometimes, you may even come up with a better phrase than your original one! You shouldn’t hesitate to switch up your choices a little bit or get creative. If you’re careful and do it properly, an alternative URL won’t hinder your success.

Buy It:  Even if your domain name as been purchased by someone, it doesn’t mean that you can no longer have it. Use whois to identify the owner of the domain name and check the contact information. Some people buy domain name and resell them for a profit. If you believe that the benefits of having a phrase far surpass the cost, you should buy it. However, some premium names can cost you thousands of dollars, while rare names can be much higher. Evaluate how much the domain name is worth to you and contact the owner, to see whether it is available for sale.

In most cases, these methods can help you to get the domain name you want. There are a few options at your disposal if your preferred domain name has been taken. Domain name registration is a competitive field, so in many cases, you won’t get number one or number two choice. Even if you don’t get the URL you want, it’s actually possible to come up with a better one!

Dean Saliba

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