Unfollowing People Who Don’t Follow You

Have you ever logged into your Twitter account and found that you can only read the tweets for a couple of minutes because you have so many followers that there are just too many tweets to read? Eventually they start to look like they are about to join together and form one huge ugly unreadable tweet.

This can be a problem if you run a “follow me and I will follow you” policy.

A lot of people will follow you and once you follow them back, they will unfollow you, believing that they have scored a major victory over you and that you will never find out.

Recently I had to take action because I had followed over 2,000 people and all I saw when I logged into Twitter were tweet after tweet of adverts and general spam. People trying to get me to click on paid links and buy various products that are of no interest to me. I am a man so why would I want to buy a sex toy that women use?

I did not fancy having to go through the mundane task of manually unfollowing people one by one. But thankfully I found a nice little program that can mass unfollow people for me. All I have to do is press a couple of buttons and the job is basically done.

The program is called Twitter Follower and what it does is it unfollows everyone who is not following you.

It does require signing up to the site for a free account but this takes about a minute. Once you login all you have to do is click the Mass Unfollow and within ten minutes those that you are following that are not following you back will be removed.

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Dean Saliba

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  • Yea I know what you mean, I've only got a couple hundred followers on my twitter account and I still suffer from that.

    Here's what I usually do, I follow everyone that follows me, I think that's fair enough, then the second someone posts an affiliate link a paid ad or anything of the sort I'll just un-follow them, sounds fair enough to me.

    Although it is very time consuming I find that most of my followers are actually real people and are not on twitter to market or anything, and I do like the occasional chat with someone on twitter with similar interests.

    • I personally do not see anything wrong with the occasional paid tweet or an affiliate link every now and again. It's the people who flood with about 100 an hour with just ads that infuriate me. 🙂

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