Top 10 Ways to Get People to Like Your Facebook Page

Facebook is a crucial aspect to a successful social media marketing strategy. Without it, business owners would find it much harder to gain new clients and customers. Moreover, social media marketing is one of the most powerful ways to market yourself on the internet.

However, without people liking your Facebook business page, you will have a hard time building an authoritative presence in the social media community. Here are the 10 effective ways to get people to like your Facebook page.

1. Exposure

You should include your Facebook business page URL on anything that potential customers will see, including company vehicles, banners, flyers, free giveaway items and other advertising outlets.

2. Give people a reason to like your page

Unless you are an established brand, you are going to have to give people a reason to like your page. New customers may be interested in your company, but they may not want to start following your company with everything you do. Therefore, you need to give them a very good reason to follow your updates.

One thing you can do is offer valuable information to people who like your Facebook page, such as unreleased news on new products or services. You can also offer exclusive discounts or promotions to people who like your page.

3. Be personal

In business, you must develop relationships with clients, customers and other business professionals. If you are personal in real life, why wouldn’t you be personal on social media sites? You need to make sure that every status update you post has your own personality. Please, do not sound like a robotic advertising machine – like thousands of other business owners on Facebook. Yes, it is important to post news about your company updates, but you should also post personal status updates.

4. Be engaging

If you ask engaging questions or post interesting facts, your current fans will pay attention. Additionally, they may also give you free word of mouth marketing by inviting their friends to like your page.

5. Promote your Facebook page on Twitter

If you already have a following on Twitter you can promote your Facebook page to this audience. By having a good incentive or valid reason why people should “Like” your Facebook page then your tweets may get re-tweeted and your page will receive a great deal more traffic and Likes.

6. Include links on your blog

If you have many readers on your blog, you need to actively promote your Facebook page. In fact, you should do this even if you only have a few readers. You should cross promote on both platforms. By doing this, you can maximize your visibility with your customers.

7. Include your page on your business cards

If you have business cards, you need to include your social media url on those cards. It is not hard to incorporate the Facebook logo with your URL on your business cards.

8. Ask your current fans to get you more fans

Sometimes, simply asking people to spread the word about your page can be effective particularly if you just need a few more “Likes” to reach a certain milestone such as 100, 500, 1000 fans. This type of upfront honesty method is attractive to many people.

9. Be relevant

One of the easiest ways to get new “likes” on Facebook is to be relevant with your customers. Depending on your product, you will be marketing to a certain demographic. You need to keep that in mind when determining other marketing aspects, such as graphic arts, pictures and posts. Relate with your demographic.

10. Advertise on Facebook

One of the best ways to get more “likes” is to use Facebook Pay per Click advertising. Instead of sending traffic to your website, you will direct them to your Facebook Page. You will get even better results if you have a specific landing page that is optimised to get more “likes”. This could be a special offer that is only made available when a person likes the page.

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