To do SEO by Yourself or to Hire it Out to a Pro?

Perhaps you were conversing with a colleague, reading a website about how your own business website can succeed or you caught the end of a news clip on television. no matter how you realized, you’re now aware that your website could be working harder for you, if only it incorporated search engine optimization, or SEO. Maybe the reason your website hasn’t been an asset up until this point is precisely because it isn’t optimized, but even if you made your own website, do you do SEO yourself or hire it out to a pro?

Show Me The Money

As you can guess, money will play an important role in your decision to hire out the work or to do it yourself. Not only must you consider how much money you have for company expenses such as adding SEO to your website, but you should also consider how much return you can expect by optimizing your pages for search engines. Like many investments, hiring an SEO pro or firm to do the work for you can pay off over the long haul, much more than you invested in the first place. Some SEO companies will even work with you, for a nominal fee, to determine how much their SEO services will return on the investment, and this can help you to determine whether to proceed with help or go it alone.


Like money, time is another important factor, because you might simply not have enough time to take on the responsibilities of optimizing your site, in addition to the duties that you and your employees already perform to get your business running smoothly. Whether you have time can also help you determine whether the financial investment is worth bringing in an outside team to work on your website. If you can’t spare the time, then you should spare the money.


If one or more of your employees already knows something about search engine optimization, you might be in luck. Even if your employees don’t have the knowledge, you might be able to hire someone to train a staff member, allowing you to always have someone on hand who is knowledgeable about the subject. That sure beats having to contact another company when time is limited!

Prior SEO Experience

Knowledge may be one thing, but experience is a power that will help your website incorporate SEO more quickly and smoothly than someone who hasn’t had to deal with any of the issues that can arise when undertaking a project like optimizing a website. If you can’t find an SEO pro who is more experience than your own employees, you might as well save some money by keeping the work in-house. On the other hand, if you talk to an SEO firm that has experience and customer recommendations, it might be a mistake not to use their services.

Ultimately, the decision to hire out SEO work, will depend upon your company. As a larger companies, you may be able to afford to hire an SEO firm, especially when you consider the return on investment over time. Larger firms may also be in a position to train one or two individuals to form an in-house team. However, smaller companies may not be able to afford outside help and might be better off relying on the existing skills to do it yourself. If you can squeeze an SEO freelancer into the budget, consider that option, instead. As an individual with little financial room or a start-up, learning as you go might provide you with seo right now and valuable skills in the future.

Dean Saliba

Dean Saliba is a freelance writer, professional blogger, media enthusiast, dirty football player and huge professional wrestling fan who covers a wide range of subjects and niches including, making money online, traffic generating, pro wrestling, blog reviews, football, how-to guides, music, internet marketing and more.


  • I guess one of the biggest risks with hiring out your SEO is that you don’t know what the SEO company is actually doing.

    If they are doing something, like massive splog links, to get your ranked, it can also get you in trouble with the big G.

    If the SEO company messes up your sites and harms your ability to rank future pages, are they going to reimburse you for the harm they did – or even acknowledge that they did any harm?

    That’s the problem I see with SEO firms – this is becoming more true with each new Google algorythm update

    • I agreed to pubish the guest post because I think it is a good debate. Personally I am against using SEO companies because so many of them either don’t know half of what they lead you to believe or they try dodgy techniques that will get you banned from Google.

  • Hm, like in every job, there are SEO companies and “SEO companies”.

    Serious companies should hire SEO firms , but also they should research or even hire someone to make a deeper research about SEO company which they want to hire.

    There are many frauds, so called SEO companies, based just on cheap outsorcing and basic SEO methods..but there are also reliable companies with good professionals.
    The most important thing is to know how to choose.

    • This is very true, I would actually go on record and say that I think there are more frauds than legit ones. Sadly not many people are willing to spend the time to research for decent ones.

  • I agree with the previous. If you are a larger company that provides a real product or service and are strapped for time to do proper SEO yourself (and it does take time), then that’s reason enough to hire out.

    That said, there are definitely way too many “SEO companies” out there now that you should do due diligence to vet out the right SEO companies that do SEO the right way.

    Easiest way to do this is to hold them accountable, and have them give you proven statistics from other real clients of theirs. The better SEO companies will have no problem providing this for you.

  • I think hiring a SEO is a very good move on your part. They not only help your site achieve a better ranking but also make it more organized and sophisticated. The content and the way the site is designed is very good. The best part about hiring a SEO is that you get time to concentrate on other aspect of your business without worrying about your site. Its a win-win situation for you.

  • I agree that having people who have experience is very good. They know how to tackle problems that we didn’t even hear about. They are experts in their field and really very skillful. Hiring them is a very good option. They not only lessen your work but also give you smart advice. They understand the dynamics of the business and work to make the company a more successful one.

  • There are many problems involved while trying to hire a good SEO firm. First of all there are many fraud SEO companies in the market trying to cheat you. Then even if they are genuine they are not really efficient and that leads to problematic situation. So one really has to do a lot of research while choosing a SEO firm. Its alright if you have to pay a little more at some companies because you know the work quality will be very good.

  • I think hiring a SEO firm is a bad idea and I am saying this because I experienced it first hand how horrible it can get. I approached a good and reputable SEO firm to help me out, so that my work would get easy. But all they managed to do was goof up and because of that I had to suffer. From then on decided never to again to hire another SEO firm and do the work myself.

    • And from what I have heard a lot of them are still using the same old methods that Google’s recent algorithm updates has put an end to. Less hassle doing it yourself.

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