Tips and Guide for Guest Blogging Strategies

Guest blogging ultimate experience

Advertisement is the marketing tactic and it doesn’t matter what business you are doing it is always useful. TV commercial, banner at road side, and arranging events these are the ways of advertisement but manual link build is the great option for the business to advertise them in internet world. Online marketing strategy is the main aim in the new computer world. People are spending more time on computer and they can get anything online in one click. It is always good to have more control on manual link building.

Guest blogging is the finest way of achieving the good manual link building. Guest blogging means when you write blog on others website and other people blog they will post on your website. Previously people used to neglect the importance of the guest blogging but now a day everyone knows the importance of guest blogging.

Tips for guest blogging

By adding content build link, improve reputation and increase the traffic these all things you will achieve in the guest blogging. If your article is not good enough then it will get rejected from publisher and you will miss the chance of guest blogging. So you have followed some strategy to improve your guest blogging.

First try to find the website which are popular and have more traffic. And write the post for that website. Or accept the guest request as soon as you will get it. Always follow the popular blogs.

Content is main key to every blog and it is his art how blogger can write impressive blog. When you add blog on other website first thing publisher will see is how you wrote, how impressive it is. If he is impress then definitely you are winner. But if you get reject then make sure that start writing the proper content for you blogs.

Everyone likes own compliment so always make sure that before adding guest blog try to mention some good word about the publisher or blogger. So that he will get that impression you are really interesting in his site and he will accept your article.

If someone read your blog and had added some comment positive or negative you have to make sure that you will reply that comments. First show some generosity by telling thank you for adding comments. And try to reply back with quality comments. Always reply back as quickly as possible so that people will promote to visit your blog.

Always try to write blogs on latest news or event so that people will be interested in reading your blog. And so other blogger will accepts your blog without second thought.

Write carefully under the column of about author so people will come to know about you. Biography is the complete introduction about you so make sure you should design it carefully.

Always have some patience once you add guest blog. Publisher may take time to read your blog and accept it so prepare for it.

Dean Saliba

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  • Great post and great resource, I’ve seen so many benefits from guest posting in the past, it’s a must for any blogger!

  • My advice is to take at least twice as much time when you write a guest blog article that when you write to your own blog, check spelling, fact checking, etc. and respond to all comments.

    • This is a pet hate of mine when it comes to accepting guest posts, the poster disappears and leaves me to deal with the comments, and sometimes it might be a subject I’m not very knowledgeable on!

  • Useful Tips as guest posting has become an important thing for everyone because Google will now judge a website according to it’s Author rank and guest posting help to increase it.

    • I don’t know about that, but I think it will hold a blog in good stead with other blog owners and visitors if the blog publishes guest posts by writers that are an authority in a niche.

  • Guest posting is essential for ranking high in the search engines. Yes, you could pay for links on some sites,
    but the quality is not even near the quality you can get from guest blogging. But it is a frustrating process,
    because many blog owners are not responsive enough. Sometimes, it may take a few weeks until they return a response on your suggestion. What I would suggest is to make some kind of connection before you ask to guest post. You can do that by commenting on an article posted on their site. Network, communicate and then guest posting will be much easier.

    • I don’t know if you have noticed, but there is a worrying increasing amount of low quality guest posts doing the rounds at the moment, it is this kind of guest posting practice that will hurt a great backlink building and traffic generating method.

      You are right though, it is always a good idea to make a connection with the blog owner first, they are then more likely to deal with your guest post application quicker. Start the ball rolling by commenting on some of their blogs and then follow up the conversation with them about their posts on Twitter.

  • Guest blogging has become very popular amongst the freelance writers as well as bloggers because it really does help you make a lot of income. The only issue is that you should be able to deliver that quality of content that a blogger happily accepts your post to be posted on his blog. Thanks for sharing this post, really a good one.

    • The problem is that there are a lot of blog owners who are so desperate for fresh content that they will happily accept poor quality guest posts. The sooner these people stop this practice the better for all of us.

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