Three Product Launch Ideas for Any Budget

You’ve spent many months planning, designing and testing. You’re finally ready to launch a product that is just what your target audience has been missing. Your next task is the big launch. Businesses of all sizes and with all budgets can launch a new product in an exciting and innovative way.

If you on a shoestring budget or looking to take over the world; here are three product launch ideas for any business budget:

Social Media

With little or no budget to spare on a product launch, social media is the obvious choice. As it is free, you can publicise the launch of your latest product and even make it available through your sites. This has already been trialled to much success by Lynx.

In early 2012 the company launched its brand new Lynx Axe for Women via its Facebook page. The first female deodorant from the company has been sold through the social networking platform, with a 100 can trial run.

The success of this campaign has been huge and is something businesses of any size can emulate. As the owner of a small business, a social media launch such as this is a great idea. Post YouTube video adverts for the product and promote and sell through Facebook and Twitter.


Businesses with a bigger budget should utilise the power of the tradeshow. You can create a huge buzz around your product launch with direct mail and social media marketing before the live launch. Make sure you attract guests to the exhibition and then make an impact with an exciting launch.

Stand out from the crowd with a custom built exhibition stand and an innovative launch. Demonstrate how the product works and draw customers to your stand with bright colours and eye-catching displays.

There are plenty of tradeshows up and down the country, all year round so it is worth doing your research before attending. Attending a mixture of industry only, and client based tradeshows will also increase your chances of a successful product launch.

Television and Radio

Multinational companies and those with very large marketing budgets should consider the power of television. Advertising new products on television is undoubtedly extremely expensive, especially if you are looking to advertise during prime time on the biggest channels. However, if you can afford to, it can prove extremely effective.

Television and Radio advertisements reach thousands, maybe even millions of people. If you only have a small social networking following for instance, only they will see the launch. With television adverts, people that may not have been aware of you will learn of the launch.

This is a great way to raise your brand and product awareness. It is however the most risky. It involves a large financial investment and there is no guarantee that you will receive an adequate number of sales to meet this cost.

With a little creativity, investment and thought any product launch can be extremely successful. It is always important to bear in mind what is best for the type of product, target audience and your market niche.

Dean Saliba

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