Threatened With The Disavow Tool?

I receive quite a few panic emails from companies who have paid people to blog comment on their behalf and are now trying to get links removed in case Google come down on them and kick them out of their beloved search engine. If it is a rubbish comment then I will have no problem deleting it but a lot of the time the comment is a quality one so I just remove the link.

This blog is no-follow so any links you leave in my comment section will not do anything to hinder your Google rankings, this is what I tell most of them and they will go away quite happy and relieved – apart from one company.

I received an email asking me to remove their links from my comments, I was about to send them the standard “don’t worry, blog no-follow” email when I noticed they wanted me to remove 191 links (over a four year period) – 191 LINKS!

I told them that this was a lot of comments for me to remove one by one (I would like to keep the comments and just remove the links if I can) and explained that my blog was no-follow and would have no bearing on their Google standing. They then threatened me with submitting my site URL to Google’s Disavow tool and this would result in my site being blacklisted from Google.

I don’t know much about this tool, is this true? Will I be banished by the mighty Google for not removing this company’s 191 links from my no-follow blog? If anyone has any knowledge on this I’d appreciate them leaving a comment.

Dean Saliba

Dean Saliba is a freelance writer, professional blogger, media enthusiast, dirty football player and huge professional wrestling fan who covers a wide range of subjects and niches including, making money online, traffic generating, pro wrestling, blog reviews, football, how-to guides, music, internet marketing and more.


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