The SEO Maze

SEO; it’s all about keywords right?  Yes, no, maybe and, erm… not really. Search Engine Optimisation, to give it its proper name, is a phrase you’ll soon come up against when you plunge merrily into the world of internet marketing.  The water’s warm, teeming with life and the SEO sharks are playing merrily in the surf. This new industry is one of the fastest paced going and developing an effective strategy takes time and effort. It would be nice to say that there’s one simple problem with SEO, but sadly there isn’t. There are hundreds of problems with SEO.

For the un-initiated they can leave you feeling finding a way through the SEO maze can seem like an impossible task. In addition, SEO changes rapidly; seemingly from hour to hour the main search engines try, test and tweak their algorithms in a constant attempt to provide useful, relevant and properly censored results for their users. SEO requires a fair amount of knowledge and expertise to create an effective link building strategy and maximise your visibility. So what should you include?

Creating Quality Articles

Links underpin quality SEO strategies. In the not so distant past quality was not a word always associated with optimisation techniques. Such quaint practices as keyword stuffing and barely legible article marketing, were all you needed to blast your site up the charts to dizzy heights of page one of the search results. In those dark days, internet users were swamped with irrelevant results for their efforts; many would click quietly to page four of the results to find the stuff they were really looking for. Thankfully, those days are passing; keyword stuffing will get you into free-fall mode and poor quality articles won’t provide a parachute. But using keywords effectively and investing quality content, be that articles, web copy or blog posts, will not only help to increase your ranking, it might even interest some human internet users too.

Directory Listings

These are another type of great source of link fodder.  Ideally, quality links require manual submission and a combined approach to general directories and local or niche directories will help. By creating relevant links in niche or local web directories you’ll find that your reputation as a reliable, authoritative site will increase, in the search engines eyes, but it will also drive the sort of traffic to your site that you’re looking for.

Contextual Blogging

Blog posting is a rising star in the SEO world. Many experts quickly turned their focus to blogging as article marketing found itself between that rock and hard place. Blogging is a technique that, for SEO purposes at least, requires a quality content attitude from the start. If you use guest blogging, many host sites will have quality standards of their own.  The higher the rank the host site the better quality they’re likely to demand. The benefit of this technique is that it allows you to create so called deep links, referring back to specific pages on your site – rather than just a one link fits all approach direct to your homepage.

Free Advertising?

So, setting up a small website that requires two nano-seconds of your time in return for a million bucks a day has never been so difficult. The reality is it was never that easy; SEO requires dedication, time and effort. Organic search results and rankings have always received a high billing on the “free advertising” list. Free advertising though is really only for those who have a private income or a day job. Free is not free when you spend your day working on producing content. For this reason many new entrepreneurs sensibly turn to SEO specialists to get their SEO fine-tuned; there is a cost to this, but a huge saving in terms of time and it many cases it can make the difference between success and failure.

Dean Saliba

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