The Annoying Thing About Link Building

This is a guest post by Neil Jones. If you want to guest post on this blog, check out the guidelines here.

I see link building as trade, like carpenters, electricians and so on, it’s called link building for a reason instead of using bricks and mortar like traditional builders, content is our bricks and links our mortar. Shouldn’t we be proud of our profession and what we build?

Like in most professions there will of ways be cowboys just trying to make a quick buck and I can’t blame anybody for that, but what I want as a link builder is to see the work and effort I put in now paying off down the line, making a quick buck doesn’t interest me, what I want to see is a steady stream of traffic and income increasing over time.
To do that, I have always tried to rely on building links that will stand the test of time, links that will continue to give my sites a boost for as long as possible.

what I can’t seem to understand is why do sites that have a really manipulated and unnatural looking link profile consistently rank highly in Google, every day I see these sites that have profiles that are made up of directory submissions, comments, article submission sites and paid links all ranking for competitive terms and trust me it’s not their content strategy that has got them to where they are, it’s purely by manipulating their link profile.

I thought Google was now smart enough to see these sites for what they really are, so why are they still ranking and keeping other sites (not just my own) that have put a lot of time and effort not only into producing great content but also cultivating relationships with other websites in their niche, sites that are building natural links from reputable neighbourhoods. I know from experience that building links this way takes a lot of time and effort and it seems these days for less and less of a return.

Every aspect of search marketing is a constantly changing and evolving largely thanks to Google, since May they have released 2 major updates (I’m still recovering from Mayday), so as link builders our methods and tactics also need to evolve. This is the reason I spend countless hours every week reading posts and articles about link building and it’s probably the reason why you’re ready this article right now. So the search engines are constantly evolving, link builders and our tactics are evolving. So why are these spammy tactics continuing to get results?

My question is simple, do we continue to have faith in how we build links, do we continue to believe in what we are doing now will offer us the lasting effect we are looking for or do we take the easy option and follow the crowd and start to do what seems to work now. How easy can it be to find a drone on mechanical turk and let them lose on every blog that allows comments. I know my time would be freed up and it seems to work, right.

This is a guest post by Neil Jones, head of marketing for eMobileScan a leading providers of handheld computers and barcode printers, including the Zebra tlp2844.

Dean Saliba

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  • Hello Neil.

    Love the building industry analogy! I’ll tell you one thing, I’ve used three different ‘link building’ software programs… nothing.

    I have a tip for you. If you want to rank in Google, try using an anchor text for the keyword you want to rank for by blogging on a high PR and ranking blog. It worked wonders for me.

    The problem is getting that gig. Good luck!

    • I’ve read a few people saying that you should put the title of your blog as your name when leaving a comment on a blog. How many blog owners would let me leave a comment from someone with the name ‘I Need Discipline’? 😀

  • Hey Neil,

    Great post and I always enjoy reading how others are doing with link building. I must say that it’s an area I’m still working on but I seem to be doing better with each day. I do know what you mean though by checking out some of these hideous sites that rank really high in the search engines. I do believe that Google is asleep at the wheel a good bit of the time. But, I’ll keep moving straight ahead until all my efforts start to really pay off.

    Appreciate your input on this subject. Enjoyed the post.


    • It was a fascinating post wasn’t it. 🙂 I’m still working out with the link building thing, blog commenting is the only thing working for me at the moment. 🙂

  • i like your post! using anchor text is the best way to rank your blog and get high PR..
    thanks for posting!

    • It’s an interesting post isn’t it. 🙂 Using anchor text is something I’m toying with, I have to be careful because if I use I Need Discipline I’m likely to get traffic of the more adult variety. 😛

  • Sometimes hard work not really work. It’s up to google whether to still give good rank to that link building sites.

    The important thing is learning and try to use different method or maybe we follow the manipulated method

  • Hey Neil,

    These sites that you’re talking about that manipulate the search engines won’t be there for too long. Eventually Google will put them in the sandbox and you won’t see or be bothered with them any more.

    I don’t think you should join the crowd, instead keep doing things the right way and outsource some of your link building tasks so you can keep working on bringing in more quality links to your site.

    I know it can be frustrating to see someone ranking higher than you when your link profile is much better, but you will succeed if you keep doing the right things.

  • Another annoying thing about link building as all SEO companies know is that the best way to increase their ranking is to increase their links, however as all customers find out, the frustration of not knowing how many links they’ve got or even how many they need in order to beat the competition can become an issue. This is where the customer gets itchy and they want to know how many links have been built and it’s where the more shady SEO companies try to give an answer and unfortunately, they can’t even google.

  • Hi guys,
    the warm comments are greatly appreciated. I think each comment adds to the post, what I would say about link building is its a pretty thankless task and its not getting any easier and you are always at the mercy of Google.
    Persistence and determination will pay off more then any other tactic out there. The best thing to do is just keep plugging away and Google will keep giving you small rewards with little improvements in rankings which should hopefully be enough of an incentive to keep going

  • That’s why google updated it’s algorithm just a few days ago. For link building, I always add my link with anchor text in my friend’s site.

  • Hi,I am doing SEO, and I find it too time consuming to build backlinks myself. I cannot do anything except for backlinking all day long, which sucks.I need a good backlinking service, to get high PR link building done for me. But the companies I found are way too expensive, or they look scammy, do not provide reports of the links, etc.

    • I prefer doing it myself, I’d rather spend hours a day doing it than hiring some SEO company who will probably just take my money and do nothing to help my blog rank.

  • I’m afraid links are a necessary evil, you can hire link builders, but I would always worry about where these links are coming from, if they are trusted sites and is there a chance you could get wacked by Goolge for building these types of links

  • Link building one of the bet way to generate Traffic

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