Social Media SEO vs Customer Engagement

What happens when social media is incorporated with Search Engine Optimisation? You can see two different results. The expected results of social media strategy used via the method of search engines are pretty different from the results of social media tactics being used for the improvement of customer engagement. This is certainly a vital distinction to realize since the blend of search engine optimization (SEO) and social media prove to be great tool and what you see is different results in business value. Letโ€™s explore the idea of social media and SEO against the customer engagement in the following article.

The social media for SEO: With the help of SEO, the customers are able to connect with different brand content via their favorite search engines. The content both with quality and quantity are being rewarded with better search rankings, thus bringing in a good amount of traffic which is eventually turning out in product sales. With such strategies which revolve around the customer lifecycle, the SEO is playing a key role in rendering information at all the touch points. In this way the consumers are reaching at point or information which they are looking out for. The SEO experts are able to use the social networks, book marking services and news to attract a number of links. With these links you get traffic and at the same time are able to discover the rank content. The social participation targets the content formats and mining topics which also help people to get good and unique traffic and links from the number of people including the bloggers, readers, site owners, journalists.

The social media for customer engagement: As per the studies a majority of corporate social media initiatives are being taken care by the department of public relations. They often target on things like creating an awareness, engagement, influence and relationship building things. With the help of good relationship with consumers and the industry influential factor you build the business brand and inculcate positive association which the brand promises. With strong brand you see the boost in sales since most of the consumers are aware of their brand value and trust them for the solutions. The social media programs moves around customer engagement which can be accomplished with things like the content, peer networking, tools, or the special drives that compels them to participate and get the recognition. The social media for customer engagement is meant to create awareness, trust, and a boost in shorter and higher sales besides getting good customer retention.

You will find better way through the social media and SEO: The blend of social media and SEO works the best with good content. Therefore devising a proper content marketing strategy the brands are able to target and influence the prospective consumers. Besides, the business brand also improves in terms of visibility over the search engine results both for the website and social media contents. This eventually works for building good relationship with the customers.

Two groups- the social media and SEO which often remained separate however is seen together these days for moving ahead in business for better customer relationship and engagements. The SEO experts are now sitting together with the social media experts since they realize the impact these sites over the internet. Hence the social media experts now enjoy enhanced kind of customer engagement with the help of proper SEO programs. In this way you get new people and unique visitors over the social media engagement platforms.

Dean Saliba

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  • Social media with SEO can have best way to engage customer to your online business. SEO is really helpful in engaging customers but if blended with some social media efforts in right way.

  • That’s funny you mention this at a time when google just announced they would be incorporating social search into the algorythm (officially anyway). Not sure it will apply to all queries though- If I search anus wart cream, I sure don’t want my friends to be showing up in the top ten results with suggestions, nor would they be willing to share their suggestions. On the other side of the coin, searching something like ‘trips to thailand’ could be incredbly useful

  • It looks like search techniques are going to become even more complicated though obviously its going to be faster. SEO and the social media were treated separately but these days its not possible to operate separately. Both seo and social media needs to work together for the benefit of the readers.

  • As a beginner trying to utilize social media for SEO and to get more traffic and customers, this is a helpful article. I will be back to read more.

  • I personally feel that social media has the ability to achieve any business target.Be active and regular on top sites and see the difference.I spend more hours on social profiles and sharing companies top brands and discuss with people about.

  • Thanks for pointing out the difference. But which do you think is more relevant nowadays? Social media and SEO? Or Social media and customer engagement?

    I’d like to know your personal view on this.


  • I sure donโ€™t want my friends to be showing up in the top ten results with suggestions, nor would they be willing to share their suggestions.

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