Should I Get A G+ Account?

Google, as everyone knows, is the biggest name on the web. If you don’t know something, all you have to do is “Google” it, and hey presto, knowledge waits. They offer the best email services, services and custom searches for scholars, image searches that have a drag and recognize feature, fairly decent translations, and heaps more. Seriously, if you have never had a look at everything you can do with Google, take some time to click on all of the options that are available to you. And did I mention the Google Doodle? Obscure, poignant, cute, interactive – you simply cannot trump them on the quality and reliability that they provide.

Up until fairly recently, the only thing that Google didn’t have was a decent social media platform that could rival Facebook. You may have heard a lot of underground geek chatter about conspiracies and who really runs what, but the truth is that this vital part of the massive online market was out of the grasp of even the mighty Google. One would think that this wouldn’t be a problem, as they control everything else. But the powers that be have now decided to get in on the social media platform bandwagon, and the result is Google+, or G+, which is one of the world’s most bizarre cyber spaces.

G+ was created to rival Facebook, and one would think that Google had the power to crush the world’s most popular cyber hangout. And in a lot of ways, G+ gives you more. You can have group video or voice chats, upload photos, share things a la Pinterest, connect with your favourite celebrities, and generally do everything that you want. The key hook or premise of G+ is that you can create circles within the group of people, brands, and businesses that you are connected with. Basically, you can filter the content that people see. So that nude photo of you from college that you want your friends to see, but you don’t want your boss to see, can be spread to “the privileged few”, not everyone at once. Which sounds great, but are you going to remember who fits into every circle? And yes, people can be in multiple circles, so remembering what is going on will be taking up a substantial amount of your time…G+’s main gimmick, this supposed control, is frustrating and equates to Facebook’s privacy settings button.

There is one instance in which you should most definitely get a G+ account, and that is if you are a business owner. Connect with your client circle, spread news, link up to other businesses, and so on. It really is a useful business platform. But again, there are surprising problems, including limitations of reach, and hugely frustrating gremlins that are still getting attention.

So, to answer the question, no, you can give G+ a skip and stick to Facebook, until you run your own business. It really is quite mediocre.

Dean Saliba

Dean Saliba is a freelance writer, professional blogger, media enthusiast, dirty football player and huge professional wrestling fan who covers a wide range of subjects and niches including, making money online, traffic generating, pro wrestling, blog reviews, football, how-to guides, music, internet marketing and more.


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