SEO Copywriting FAQs – Everything You Need To Know About SEO

Personally, I prefer reading things in FAQ format. I find long pieces of text tedious and I get annoyed because I may spend ages and ages reading stuff that I already knew in the hopes of getting to the one little thing I didn’t know yet and needed to find out. Give me FAQs any day of the week, since it lets me just skim the questions and only read what I want to read. So, because the only way to manage is managing by example, here is my very own FAQ with questions that took me ages to answer myself.

Can I Be An SEO Copywriter With No Experience?

Everybody needs to start somewhere. You won’t be particularly good to start with, but you deserve a chance to gain the experience you need to be one of the best. Make sure you reply to jobs that are suitable to your experience so that you can build up your experience. There are lots of sites that require inexperienced writers or even volunteers. Even working for free is a good idea if it allows you to build up that experience.

Do I Need Formal Education For seo Copywriting?

No, you don’t. You either have it, or you don’t. Sure, you can go on some creative writing courses (and end up with people telling you they can really tell you studied English, not because it’s so good but because you stick to hugely obvious grammatical rules), or you can do some IT courses, but really you need to just practice, practice and practice some more. Read books, read every internet article you can come across, and maybe even rewrite those articles. One way to get some experience is to contact websites and tell them that you have rewritten one of their pages, would they be interested in buying that off you (or having it for free, but under the agreement that they contact you for further work). There are also some regular seo seminars but be weary of these. If someone has the time to walk around telling people how great their job is, they are actually not writing themselves anymore. They may be completely out of touch with the reality – at best – or be a complete con artist – at worst.

How Do I Talk Money?

Money is very important. It doesn’t grow on trees (such a shame) and we don’t live in stable economic times. You can’t be expected to work for peanuts for very long, I certainly didn’t. But, don’t be afraid to take on some jobs that seem badly paid. Once people are happy with your work, your pay rates will start to go up. Then, when you start to feel more comfortable, you can start aiming higher and higher yourself, earning more and more. When I first started, I was on a very low amount of money per 100 words. However, that small amount quickly increased and for some articles, I am now making around ten times as much as I was for that first article. I’m very happy I didn’t stick my nose up at the small amount, because it is that what got me to where I am today.

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