SEO as an Escapist Fantasy

It seems like ages since I saw a really good film in the cinema or on the television. In fact, it has been a while since I saw any sort of movie at all. This doesn’t have anything to do with my opinion of modern Hollywood production techniques but has a lot to do with SEO article writing giving me the perfect escape route from reality without any need for Bruce Willis, Tom Cruise or, lord help us, Vin Diesel to help me along the way.

The Perfect World

To write good SEO articles for submission to directories I believe that it is essential to get into the right frame of mind. In my case I like to imagine that I am writing about the perfect product for the perfect customer. If it is a washing machine, for example, then it will always work perfectly and the purchaser’s children will go to school every day with sparkling white shirts and cuffs which look as though they have never been dragged along a dirty desk. It is easy to ignore the fact that the world isn’t like this once you get into the habit. In my SEO fantasy world nothing ever breaks down and no one ever complains. It sounds a bit like Westworld before the carnage but there is always a happy ending.

The Thrill of the Chase

Of course, there has to be a bit of drama and tension in any film. Where would Snow White have been without the Evil Queen or how entertaining would that kid in Home Alone have been without those bumbling crooks?  In my world of seo the tension comes from the rival sites (boo!) who try to out-smart my client until I shoot them down with some great articles at the perfect moment (hooray!). Seriously though, there always has to be a bit of challenge to keep us from going stale and as you never get to see the faces of your rivals in seo it can be great fun to imagine the competition as being fiercer than it really is. Hey, I have just realised that other people must see me as the bad guy as well. That seems a bit harsh but I guess they need a rival figure to aim at too.

The Happy Ending

When it comes to the movies there is nothing better for me than an inconclusive ending. Why see everyone living happily ever after when you can see Shane riding off into the distance with the little guy running after him shouting, “Shane. Shane. Come back”? However, with an SEO project there has to be a happy ending. In most cases this is simply me feeling that I have done a good job and the site owner being content as seeing his site in a better position than before. Sometimes it can lead to a long running working relationship which works out to the benefit of everyone and lets me carry on living in my SEO fantasy world for a bit longer.

Dean Saliba

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