Retweeting Old Old Posts To Twitter

A couple of days ago I was searching through some plugins, that I was hoping to install on this blog, and I stumbled across one which was not only very useful, but has pretty much knocked my socks off since installing it.

The plugin is called Tweet Old Post and as you can imagine from the name it randomly retweets old posts you have written and publishes links to them on your Twitter account.

I can not begin to tell you how much traffic this has generated for me as informative posts I have written more than a year ago are being given an airing.

The only problem I am having is deciding how often to retweet an old post. At the moment I have it set up to retweet and old post once every hour, do you think this might be a bit too much?

I have had no complaints yet. In fact I have even had a couple of people, with lots of followers, retweet these old posts as well. How often would you use it?

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Dean Saliba

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