Reasons To Attend A Major Industry Conference

You’ll find that most major industries have events and conferences. Some businesses love these events and many others think that there isn’t any good reason to attend them. You’ll find that this isn’t the case and when it comes to attending a major industry conferences, there are some very key reasons to get involved with what is on offer.

The MIPIM event is the leading event for property and real estate in the world and it is held every year in Cannes. The 2016 MIPIM event takes place in March and it is an ideal opportunity to meet industry experts and to find out what areas are going to be trending in the near future.

If you are not sure of the reasons why you would attend a MIPIM event, the events website provides a run-down of the key reasons why people attend the conference.

Property your company’s services or projects

When it comes to promoting your business and what you don’t, doesn’t it make sense to be in front of people who are interested in your market? It is no surprise to learn that 76% of the respondents who were asked why they were attending the MIPIM stated it was because they were looking to promote the services and projects that they supply.

There is a great deal to be said for connecting with your audience and while social media is a good way to do this, there is also a lot more to be said for meeting people in person. A lot of people find that they are far more productive in person than they are online so if you want to promote your services in the best manner, make sure you meet people in person and have the best possible impact.

Gain insight into the leading industry trends

There is a lot to be said for finding out information about your market and what is looking like the next big thing. This is sometimes hard to do and when you read something online, there is no guarantee that you’ll find what you are looking for, that it is relevant or that the information on offer can be trusted.

This is why it makes sense to meet the experts in person and see what they have to say for themselves. 47% of respondents said that this was a key reason for attending the MIPIM event, and it may provide your business with the knowledge and information it needs to move forwards in the upcoming months and years.

To extend your international reach

If you are looking to move beyond the constraints of your country, you’ll find that this sort of event is the ideal place to do so. It helps you to connect with buyers and like-minded businesses, which can make all the difference when you are looking to break into a new market. Of the respondents, 40% of people said that this was an important reason to attend the MIPIM and you’ll find it is so much easier to connect with foreign firms in person than online.

To source funding and showcase new projects

If you are looking for investment, you want to meet people in person and impress them with what you have to offer. This reason was cited by 28% of respondents and you can see why this sort of event is the ideal place to try and connect with investors.

You have the perfect setting to showcase what you offer and you can talk at great length. If someone is looking to invest in you, it is likely that they’ll want to meet you and make some form of connection, and this is why you should be looking to meet people in person.

To invest

The fact that 24% of respondents said that they attend this event to find investment opportunities justifies the last reason and indicates that this is a great opportunity to bring people and businesses together. Whether you are looking for investment opportunities or you want to bring investment in, go where the people you want to find are located.

If you are interested in the MIPIM event, there is a great selection of Cannes rental apartments to choose from. Finding the right apartment or accommodation is crucial because this will make your life a lot easier, helping you to relax and unwind between meetings and events. Cannes is a stunning destination, so make sure you find the perfect setting when looking to boost your business.

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