Off-Site SEO Is As Important As On-site Optimisation

After I requested a SEO audit from SEO provider I learnt a whole lot about why my optimisation was failing. I decided to try and save a bit of money and work on my own SEO, and that was my first mistake. Instead of turning to the experts I relied on the little snippets of information I could find online, and unfortunately it turned out that I was missing a lot of tricks and strategies that could have had me ranking in the first page of the search engines.

On-site All Was Looking Okay- Off-Site It Was a Different Story

It turned out that although my site was pretty well optimised, I had neglected working off site, and that is where a lot of the vital strategies of any SEO campaign are carried out. After the results of my audit were in I immediately contacted a company who created my blog posts for me as they had recently become a seo reseller. I decided that it was worth making a small investment in professional SEO as I simply did not have the time or the resources to improve my campaign and run my business at the same time.

It was the best marketing move I have ever made.

There were various jobs that needed starting and maintaining while my organic ranking in the search engines began to take shape. In order to give you some idea as to what this involves here are some pointers given to me by my seo expert and made clear in the audit I commissioned. You may recognise some areas in your own offsite seo that need working on or improving, or that perhaps you have not even considered yet.

Directory Submissions

Gone are the days of the yellow pages and local directories. Although they are still worth having your business listed in, it is worth spending a lot more time using online directories; after all we are living in a digital age.

Try and optimise each of the directory listings and submit to as many as you can. These are great ways to help people find your website and they are classed as backlinks too. You need to manually enter each one and make sure that they are kept up to date so that people can contact you easily when they discover your listings.

Social Bookmarking

If you are like me and you recognise how valuable a blog can be to your SEO campaign then you need to be using social bookmarking too. Each time you create a new URL to your website you can add the link to the many social bookmarking sites across the Internet. Again this is a manual job but it is very worthwhile. Some of the largest social bookmarking sites boast over 15 million users who love to click on links recommended by others. If they approve of your link they will share it too, and the URL gains more weight with the search engines.

Social Networking

Networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook and now Google Plus are used in the algorithms of the search engines that determine your rank. If you have profiles on these sites then make sure you are making good use of them. If you have not yet created your profiles then it is about time you did. I am gradually adding links back to my site and occasionally these are shared. This is a fantastic way of increasing your customer base and increasing the flow of traffic to your site.

Dean Saliba

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  • Yes am totally agreed with you that off-page SEO is as important as on-page SEO because when you do on-page SEO and don’t concentrate on off-page SEO, you can’t achieve your goals and can’t get good SERP position and Page Rank therefor it is very important and every SEO should keep in mind these things that give importance to off-page as we give on-page.

  • Thats true. I personally believe that for complete success you need to work with both the aspects i.e On and Off page. As both plays an important role.
    On Page is important for S.E. and also for visitors while Off page is for our site as it concern to linkbuilding techniques.

    So it just like TWO LEGS of our body and if we have to win the race then we need both.

  • As i think off site seo is more importent tthen on site seo because it gives more back link.Off site make your website more popular.

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