Marketing your Business with Google Plus

Online marketing for business has a new marketing tool with the creation of the Google+ Page for brands and businesses. While offering the ability to share posts within circles and publicly, they also offer an opportunity for others to click the Google+ button and share posts while telling Google’s search engines what they find relevant to their search.

How it Works

Every time someone clicks the Google+1 button, the Google search engine records that click and shows in their search engine listings how many +1 clicks the page or site has received. This number of +1 clicks can be very influential to searchers as to which listed site or sites they wish to take the time to look at or read. Prefixing names with a “+” will serve as a link to your profile page for searchers.

An important aspect of Google + Your World is that search results from all your circles are included within your result list. The concept for this idea is that your circles reflect interests of similarity to you; therefore, their pages, blogs, and shares are pertinent search results. The same works for them. Your pages, blogs and shares will be included in their search results when they conduct searches.

Optimizing for SEO and Traffic

In order to optimize your search rankings and traffic to your site, consider each circle as a community and dedicate time to participating within those communities. Begin by becoming a part of “Your Audience’s World” and graduate to “Your Audience’s Trusted World” by sharing good information from a trusted secure site to the public and to your circles.

When using Google+ Pages for your business, remember brands, products and services are not people. People interact with people easier and quicker than they interact with brands or businesses. Put a personal face and touch to your shares, commenting on each share you post. Draw your customers to you with personal comments, and +1’s on their search results.

Plus one’s clicked on posts and shares translate into search engine optimization for businesses and shows customer satisfaction and recommendations for pages and products. When someone is searching for a specific product or service, if the search result list contains links shared from circles of friends and family, contains links with a high number of +1’s shown and contains traditional search result links, which do you think the searcher is going to look at first? Rational thinking says they will check out the ones their circle of friends and family have shared first and then move on to the ones with the highest number of +1’s.

Google Plus pages for your business can benefit you only if you have populated all pages of your sites and blogs with the Google +1 button for viewers to click. If that button isn’t there to click, there is no way for it to get +1 ratings for search optimization, so embed the +1 button on your pages today!

Other Google Services Worth Using

Further to Google +, there is a complete range of Google products that can help you attract, monitor and monetize your visitors that are also worth considering. Google Adwords is a great paid solution to drive traffic to your website on a cost-per-click model that is worth looking into. If you’re looking to track and monitor your visitors behaviour, be sure to install Google Analytics and finally, if you’ve got plenty of traffic and haven’t worked out how to monetize it yet, be sure to take advantage of Google Adsense, an easy platform to run ads on your site and be paid for each click they receive.

Dean Saliba

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