Link Building For Beginning Internet Marketers

Some internet marketers have been building links to their websites for years. They have lots of good advice that they share and you’ll benefit from it if you apply the principles.

Why Not To Listen To Most Veteran SEO’s

The problem with new internet marketers taking link building advice from a lot of the seasoned professionals out there is that new marketers aren’t who veterans SEO’s are writing for. They are writing to share their ideas with SEO’s that are as seasoned as they are, and the tips that they offer are often focused on small picture ideas. Beginning markets need to focus on big picture principles.

The information given is usually so over the head of the beginning marketer that if they do successfully apply it they won’t get the results that they are after. New SEO’s need to focus on the most important parts of link building that will get the fastest results in the least amount of time.

Is Your Website Ready?

I’m hoping that since you’re reading this you already have a website with a few pages of good content built. If not then what are you waiting for? You’re wasting your time building links to super small sites with little to no quality content.

Article Marketing

After you have your site up and running your first links should come from article marketing. I know it’s not a sexy or trendy topic but article marketing works, even with search engines being more stringent than ever.

Stick to the largest and most popular article marketing network. I recommend Buzzle, Ezinearticle, and goarticles to beginners. After you’ve placed a few articles on each one of those networks you can branch out into others.

Web 2.0 Properties

Once you start to see links trickling to your website from article marketing start using what have been referred to as web 2.0 properties, like Squidoo and Hubpages. They take a little more work than article marketing and you won’t get as many links from them in the long run, but a good Squidoo or Hubpage’s article can get you some good traffic as well as high quality links.

Yahoo Answers

Next I want you to start exploring Yahoo answers. It’s a great resource to get some traffic as well as some link juice. Some of the link might be “no follow” but others that you build will be regular links that will pass along some page rank.

Once you’re mastered these you can move onto other areas like forum posting using signatures, forum profiles, blog commenting, and social bookmarking. If your writing is proficient enough you should also begin to explore guest posting.  But these will be secondary. Stick to the basics and build your foundation. Then you can branch out to expand your link building profile.

Dean Saliba

Dean Saliba is a freelance writer, professional blogger, media enthusiast, dirty football player and huge professional wrestling fan who covers a wide range of subjects and niches including, making money online, traffic generating, pro wrestling, blog reviews, football, how-to guides, music, internet marketing and more.


  • Create Link building is best way to promote a site.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Is Yahoo Answers still relevant to SEO? Interesting.

  • You are absolutely right about the fundamentals of link building. The most important should be those high quality links from articles. The articles like all other links should be as relevant as possible. I think it is actually best to outsource these if you can. Spending a few dollars on a 500 word article that uses some of your keywords can be quick and efficient. Having a few of those on article websites can have a huge boost in link juice but also get some traffic along.

    Blog commenting and directory submission are easiest. Directory submission is becoming less useful unless DMOZ is used but still is a different kind of link and variety is highly useful. Blog commenting and forum signatures are awesome especially when you leave relevant and useful comments. You can get a great variety of anchor texts too so as to not be spammy.

    • Blog commenting is my top method. Not only does it help with my backlink count but it also drip-feeds a small steady stream of traffic to my blog every month. 🙂

  • Although Yahoo answers provides only no follow links, I still find it useful as many of the yahoo answers questions come in first page first place and give good organic exposure to my blog. Guest posting is also a good way to get the good SEO juice from high PR websites.

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