Limit How Many Times User Can Attempt To Login

Blog security is something that pretty much every blogger should be concerned with. WordPress has a number of plugins that you can use to combat hacking attempts, one of the plugins is called Limited Login Attempt plugin.

The plugin is designed to place a limit on how many times someone can attempt to login before it springs into action and prevents any more login attempts.

Some of the features of the plugin include:

– Limit the number of attempts when logging in.
– Limit the number of attempts to log in using cookies.
– Informs user about remaining retries.
– Will log the failed attempts.
– Option to have email notification sent to you.

This is what the login page will look like.


Download Plugin From This Link

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8 thoughts on “Limit How Many Times User Can Attempt To Login

    • Dean Saliba Post author

      Yeah, I think you have misunderstood the point of the plugin. It isn’t to lock YOU out, it is to help stop people from hacking your admin panel by repeatedly guessing your password.

    • Dean Saliba Post author

      You’re welcome. You should never neglect your WordPress security, as my friend found out last week when he was still using WordPress 2.7 and was hacked.

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