Life Away From Google?

Sometimes people leave Adsense, maybe they have become disillusioned with Google or maybe they found themselves kicked out for breaking one of their basic terms of service (the amount of people who do this is staggering, do they truely believe Google won’t check?).

There are many alternatives companies these days, in fact I once came across a blog page that listed an amazing 135 advertising networks and the blog author did not even list Google!

I am not going to bamboozle you with that knd of enormous list, what I intend to do is break them down for you into managable amounts for you to digest. And I too will not list Google.


Adbrite is probably the advertising network I have been with for the longest amount of time, even longer than Google. The main thing I liike about Adbrite is that they accept small sites and don’t insist on thousands of impressions a month to qualify.

The only major downside is that you really do need a bit of traffic to earn any significent money.

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Clicksor has a repuatation for paying very low amounts for clicks. They also insist on websites generating at least 5,000 unque visitors a month (this was not the case when I joined).

They boast that they offer contextual advertising but this is only true if your site has ceertain content, I run a music blog and the ads are not music-related in the slightest.

They offer payout via PayPal which makes them incredibly popular with oversea websites.

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Auaction Ads

Auction Ads is a lot different than the normal run-of-the-mill advertising network, for a start they show Ebay auctions instead of company adverts.

Everytime someone wins an auction that was shown on your site, you earn revenue. It really is that simple.

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Text Link Ads

Text Link Ads server text link ads on your website. This is perfect fo webmasters who do not wish to clog up their websites with advertising banners and boxes. They also offer advertisers traffic and search engine benefits.

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More coming soon.

Dean Saliba

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