Let Frank Sinatra Put the Swing into Your SEO

Frank Sinatra is one of those singers I hated even before I had even really heard his work. I was sort of familiar with My Way but I disliked what I had heard of it and assumed the rest of his work was along the same lines.

Then one day a friend of mine gave me a cassette of Sinatra songs. I thanked him for it and instantly put it in my ‘soon to get taken to the charity shop’ pile next to Milli Vanilli and that chap with the big hair who sang about flying dogs and stories that never end.

This was the destiny which awaited my Sinatra cassette and I would probably never have got another chance to properly listen to him. However, the gods of swing work in mysterious ways and one day that cassette ended up in my car somehow and I stuck it on before making a long journey. I have been hooked on the chairman of the board ever since then and even discovered some SEO messages in his songs.

The Best Is Yet To Come

This is one of my favourite Sinatra songs and it talks to us about how the good times are only just starting. It is a very positive song which is about the start of new romance but I guess you could fit it into other situations too and I like to put it on while I work. When you start off on a new career it is important to get that feeling of excitement and limitless possibilities which SEO definitely gives you. No matter how well you have done until now, the best is definitely yet to come.

I’ve Got You Under My Skin

For years I searched for a job which I could enjoy doing and feel proud of. I am sure I am far from being the only person who has been through this but I managed to finally find a career which has got under my skin and that I, frankly, get a kick out of. The feeling of doing a job which is right for me lets me do my daily work in a much happier frame of mind and lets me carry it out to a higher standard. I don’t only have Sinatra to thank for that but he helps remind me of what I have sometimes.

Ev’rybody Has the Right to Be Wrong (At Least Once)

Is this even a Sinatra song? It wasn’t on my famous cassette and I have never heard it but when was I was checking the spelling of some of these songs I saw this one listed as well. Francis Albert Sinatra actually sung a huge amount of songs in his lengthy career and this must be one of those which slipped me by (along with April Played the Fiddle and The Coffee Song). Anyway, the title sums up a truth in that you can’t expect to be right 100% of the time in anything you do. In the SEO world you will sometimes learn more from your mistakes than from what you do right, and that is no bad thing.

I’ve Got the World on a String

The feeling of being on top of the world is well conveyed in this song and it is a feeling I sometimes get when I complete an SEO job successfully. Knowing that you have provided the way for the public to find what they are looking for that bit more easily is fantastic and it certainly beats working in a stuffy office doing a boring job and having to suffer your boss going on all day about his blooming trips to the golf course while drinking watery tea (not that I am still bitter about it though).

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