Is SEO Still Important?

Search engine optimized (SEO) is getting long-in-the-tooth. No longer is SEO the newcomer to the party; SEO has been around the block by now. The concept and practices are almost as old as the web itself, though it took a few years before the phrase was coined and then a few more before it became common knowledge for website owners that it was necessary if you wanted your Website to rank well in the search engines. Virtually every website owner has subjected their site to some level of SEO, which begs the question, if everyone is doing it, is it still important?

The plain truth is that it is more important now than ever. In fact, as long as search engines base their results on key words and on a pagerank system (or other trust algorithm), SEO will continue to be very important. Even without the bot, sites can be optimized for human search engine representatives (quality reviewers). Although there are other ways to generate traffic beyond organic search, those methods will not replace the traffic that is generated from people using the search engines.

As a business, or an individual who wants traffic, having a Website that uses search engine optimization will enable you get draw a considerable amount of additional traffic – even if you do not use other methods. Of course, the best way to get traffic is to use multiple methods at the same time, including SEO.

While optimizing your Website for SEO, you do want to avoid any technique that is unnatural, or tricky. This is frowned upon by the search engine companies and it can cause your Website to not be indexed at all – which would be far worse. It also is not necessary (in fact you should avoid it) to cram your Webpages with keywords (visible or invisible) that make it hard, or even impossible, for a human to read. The algorithm has become better, the bots more sophisticated. You only need one or two keywords in a paragraph and the search engine spiders will see it.

Traditional SEO tactics work well in helping you to get a higher page rank, which equals more visibility. You should be aware, though, that time is also important when building greater visibility. You want to follow the general principles for the top SEO practices, or get a Web development company (or individual) to help you.

SEO strategies are constantly changing. Google uses more than 200 different factors when ranking Websites. Of course, they only reveal about half of them, so the rest of the formula (algorithm) is anyone’s guess. But even then, some of these factors will change when there is a need for it, and the weight of some of the factors in the final result also changes.

Several SEO tactics can easily be applied to your Website which will help in its ranking. This includes the use of metatags, keywords in the title and alt tags (for pictures), and the use of keywords in your page’s content. Links to other pages within your Website will also help to increase your online visibility, as well.

Two other things that are very important to help your Website be seen include incoming links and new content. Incoming links indicates to the search engines that other people are interested in your Website. You can increase incoming links by posting on forums, blogs, and through article marketing. The more links you have to your Webpage the higher your page rank will be.

Keeping new and fresh content on your Website or blog is also very important. After all, the search engines want to give their users the newest and latest information. By regularly putting new content on your blog or Website, it will increase your pagerank over time, which means it will appear higher in the search engine results pages. Be sure to stick to a single topic, though, for better results.

Dean Saliba

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  • I believe in this second part of the year, after surviving (or trying to survive) the Panda, Penguin, and whatever Google updates, SEO needs to be tweaked according to Big G’s often unexpected likes and dislikes. Generating traffic out of the organic search, as pointed out in the article, is one of the most important keys.

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