Is PPC Needed If My Seo Strategy Is Proving Successful?

One thing is absolutely true and that is the internet is ever growing and from a commercial point of view it certainly the place to generate new business from search engines. SEO is one of the best ways to accomplish success online and the long term benefits of quality SEO are very evident, however PPC can also deliver some good benefits to online companies as well if done correctly.

Fundamentally speaking if you have a successful SEO strategy in place which is gaining you good traffic then you can also benefit from looking at developing a good PPC strategy as well. People tend to think you either need one or the other and that doing both is a waste of money, however this is not the case and you could be missing out at some good online traffic by not exploring both PPC and SEO.

A Few Figures

The figures of what traffic is drawn by SEO and PPC do vary depending on what study you look at though we can safely say that roughly 70% of traffic comes via the search engines organic results and the other 30% comes from PPC results. These figures clearly indicate that SEO is essential for your business to succeed however they also clearly convey that if you are not looking at PPC at all then you are giving away a good 30% of potential traffic.


If you simply engage in SEO for your business then you are missing out on at least 30% of the traffic which when you think about it does not make good commercial sense. Why would a business give up on 30% of potential traffic? It makes no sense but that is what countless businesses are doing when they do not even look into PPC as an option.

Furthermore it makes perfect sense to help maximise your brand exposure by having your website and products placed in prominent positions in the search engines for keywords that your SEO has not been able to gain a page 1 rank for yet.


SEO and PPC can be utilised together for example you can run a PPC campaign on a few keywords to see the effectiveness and their popularity by having them on page 1. If the results are positive then you can focus your SEO on those keywords with first hand knowledge of the keywords being popular.

So for example if you have a football shirt retail website and you were looking to rank on the organic listings via SEO for keywords such as Arsenal shirt, Manchester United kit, Arsenal kit or Chelsea shirt then you would want to run a PPC campaign on these keywords first and see how many click through’s this generates you and then you can focus your SEO around the best performing keywords.


SEO is certainly the main way to generate good long term traffic but PPC also has some superb benefits and can also potentially increase your online traffic significantly if the right strategy is utilised.

Dean Saliba

Dean Saliba is a freelance writer, professional blogger, media enthusiast, dirty football player and huge professional wrestling fan who covers a wide range of subjects and niches including, making money online, traffic generating, pro wrestling, blog reviews, football, how-to guides, music, internet marketing and more.


  • I wish there is an exact number of links, submissions etc. but each site and term is different. I would say to see what the top ranker for your term that is in your industry has and one up them. Use Google webmaster tool and Yahoo Site Explorer to give you some helpful information

  • SEO is still needed for PPC. In order to get an high quality score you need to have correct title tags on landing pages, user friendly website,etc….

  • Really very useful and informative article. Till date, i am thinking that i dont need a ppc campaign but after reading your article, I realised that if PPC is used with good seo strategy then it can make wonders to our business. Atleast, i can give it a try.
    Thanks a lot…

    • Just make sure PPC is right for your niche first. I run a professional wrestling blog and would never dream of running a PPC campaign for that niche again.

  • Well, it depends actually. Even if you are successful in SEO, that doesn’t guarantee you good results. You must study first what keywords and location are you getting the most traffic. If your target isn’t included then you can consider PPC as an option.

    • Oh spot on! Some niches will not do well no matter how highly your site is ranked. I run a professional wrestling blog, one of the most popular, and I would never dream of doing a PPC campaign for it ever again.

  • From an SEO standpoint, says many in the industry that PPC in combination with clean SEO work is affected SERP rankings positively, can anyone confirm this claim?

  • As far as SEO is concerned, first define your user profiles/persona and collect the possible keywords they would use. Then use your niche expertise to build content around topics incorporating these keywords. Then promote the content across a variety of sites where your target people are.

    • That is all very well and good, providing you are in a niche that is worth running a PPC campaign in, I run a professional wrestling blog and a football blog and neither are good for this.

  • Handling a PPC account is not an easy task,It require daily check and scrutiny of small thinks.I came to know above,how much necessary the keyword selection first to a successful campaign.

  • I always say start out with ppc, if you have the funds, see how your site converts. The last thing you want to do is spending weeks or even months in order to rank for a keyword then to find out your copy sucks, and you not getting the convergence you want. So PPC first then SEO, again if you have the money…

    • Unless you are in a niche you already know would not convert with PPC. I run a professional wrestling blog and a football lbog and neither converts well, not matter how popular the site is.

  • The results of a PPC campaign can vary depending on the industry. SEO is important for capturing new interests or people who are researching online early in the buying process. PPC is good for returning visitors who are now “savvy” and further along in the buying process.

  • i haven’t really taken PPC into consideration now, but i am kind of thinking to do it. this post actually thinking about giving it attention now.

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