Is Google Buying Twitter Good?

Everybody knows that Google already has a large monopoly on the internet so it was no surprise to a lot of people when it emerged that there are plans afoot for the Search Engine giant to attempt to buy Twitter.

I say ‘attempt’ because as of this moment they are merely in light discussion with the people who own Twitter and CEO Evan Williams has apparently said he would not sell for less than $1 billion.

Google have developed a reputation for trying to acquire anything that causes a bit of a buzz online. They are like a spoilt child who wants to own the toy just because you have it.

Reaction to whether Twitter should be sold is mixed. Personally I don’t think it should be sold. Google have hardly done a good job with Youtube and Feedburner since they bought them, have they?

Since they took over Feedburner the RSS stats have hardly ever been correct and everybody knows the many problems Youtube have had since being in the clutches of Google.

It is no secret that Twitter is not making any money and Google do have incredibly deep pockets so maybe they will make an offer that even Evan Williams will find difficult to turn down.

Dean Saliba

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