Improve Your Blog Round-Up

At the start of every week I want to publish a post containing a list of blog posts that I have read from other blogs within the last seven days that I believe will help you in your quest to build a bigger and better blog.

Blog Basics

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7 Ways You Can Improve Your Content Promotion

How to Find Out if You Suck at Writing Content

The 101 Guide to Guest Posting for Bloggers


Cool Design Elements That Turn Your Website into Nightmare if Overused

6 Awesome Sites for Professional Logo Designs

9 Advanced Site Design Terms You Should Know

Email/Mailing List

39 Things Every Sales Email Needs to Have


13 WordPress Plugins That’ll Save You a Ton of Time


Factors in Why Your Website Page Rank Isn’t Changing

How to Get More Backlinks and Rank Higher on Google

Social Media

How I got 150,000 organic views to my video on Facebook in just 2 Days

7 Social Media Management Tools You Need to Consider

How to Build a 25,590 Instagram Following Using This Daily Routine


10 Rules A Blogger Can’t Ignore For Better Traffic

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