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One of the many beauties of blogging is that you can do it do it whenever inspiration and the desire occur – not just at the end of an evening when you are sitting in front of your desktop computer.

Thanks to the proliferation of laptop computers, Wi-Fi hotspots and devices like mobile broadband dongles, more and more people are hitting the web to express their opinion or business blog.

And just like deciding whether you will blog on WordPress, Tumblr or Typepad, there are a multitude of ways to get online to do it, there’s home broadband, mobile broadband, wireless routers, tablet computers, Wi-Fi hotspots or even via your phone.

Here’s my take on mobile broadband and why it can be the ideal way to get online when you are blogging.

It’s there where and when you are – There’s nothing worse than wanting to update your blog and not being able to, luckily that’s not a problem with mobile broadband, because it’s an internet connection in your pocket or bag.

Whether you’re getting online with a USB dongle or a Wi-Fi router, you can be online within a matter of seconds – ideal if you need to connect to post an urgent update or to moderate blog comments.

Cheaper than ever before – Not long ago, the idea of having your own mobile data connection, was something which was only available to rich business users, nowadays there are a wide variety of packages to suit every budget.

Options range from monthly deals which offer large data allowances for power users, to pay as you go alternatives which can be paid for by the month or even by the day for more sporadic bloggers.

It’s more reliable than wifi spots – There’s nothing wrong with using public wifi spots… usually. But sometimes you can find a router needs resetting, there are too many people already using the connection making it slow, or any other number of annoyances. Luckily you don’t have those worries with your own mobile broadband connection.

This means that using mobile broadband is often a better way to go if you need to live-blog an event, or just to have that certainty that you will be able to get online when you want (or need) to.

Security from being in control – It’s a well known fact that using your laptop in public can be a security risk – but connecting to the internet via a dedicated mobile broadband connection is a safer way of doing it.

Using a mobile broadband dongle or Wi-Fi router, you know the network you are connecting to is a secure one, not one set up by some unscrupulous character who is using it to collect the details of other users. For bloggers this can be a particular risk, because if someone is able to intercept your blog admin password they could take control of your blog and even lock you out from it.

There are plenty of ways to use it – While the most common ways of using mobile broadband are broadband dongles and Wi-Fi routers, they are by no means the only way, tablet computers with built-in mobile broadband capabilities are booming in popularity.

And with devices like the Apple iPad come new ways of blogging, there are a number of blogging apps for iOS and Android tablets which are designed to make the process of blogging a lot easier and quicker.

Dean Saliba

Dean Saliba is a freelance writer, professional blogger, media enthusiast, dirty football player and huge professional wrestling fan who covers a wide range of subjects and niches including, making money online, traffic generating, pro wrestling, blog reviews, football, how-to guides, music, internet marketing and more.


  • Hello,

    I am a huge fan of mobile broadband too, I love the way you can stay connected with the internet through such ‘small’ devices like a mobile phone/iPhone and so on. Blogging through mobile broadband is something really cool and you’re connected 24/24 if you want to.


  • I bought a netbook with a mobile dongle and find myself just using Wi-Fi as most places have it (for free) and it tends to be faster and more reliable than mobile broadband also. That’s just my experience though…

    • That is true in some cases What about when you are on the move? Like on a train, coach or car? What about if you are somewhere like a park?

      I live in London and more and more WIFI connections are being locked so you have to pay to use them.

  • I have got vodafone mobile broadband and a contract with it. It isnt very good and takes forever to bring up internet pages. But I don’t think you can cancel the contract until the end.How do you cancel a vodafone mobile broadband contract? Thanks

    • If you cancel a contract with a mobile phone company before it has ended then they will charge you for the rest of the contract. So if you have a year left then they will immediately bill you for the year.

      Try the ones where you pay something like Β£20 for a month.

  • Would a low network signal strength affect mobile broadband speeds, or would it still be maximum speed as long as there was any network signal available to connect to?

  • I’m looking into possibly purchasing a mobile broadband card, but want a better idea of how much they cost to use, preferably from someone who uses one.

  • I feel that the most important characteristic of mobile broadband is that its portable.One can carry wherever he/she wants.Moreover, the arrival of different internet tablets have become a trend setter and made mobile networking more popular.

  • yes moblie phones and smartphones are cool nowadays, you can blog from about anywhere.

  • I too use mobile broadband for blogging. I use an all carrier Huawei modem that gives me speeds of upto 21.1 mbps, and I must say that at these speeds, working is a delight.

  • We also have something like that called “Globe Tattoo” it’s just like a USB where we can have an Internet connection by just connecting it to our Laptops. Yes, indeed a very convenient stuff specially for a blogger.

  • I am thinking of taking out a Vodafone mobile broadband contract here in the UK. Although not essential it would at times be useful to use it for banking/shopping. Would this be risky?

    • Not at all as far as I am aware. I used mobile broadband for just over two years and would regularly do my banking and purchase good online.

  • Hi!, I was wondering,if I connected a mobile broadband dongle to my sony psp 3000 via the usb cable would it allow me to browse the inbuilt browser via the dongle? If it does work would I need to copy and paste the drivers for the dongle to the memory card in my psp? Thanks.

  • For the travelers who can’t seem to wait to get home and blog, the mobile internet is the best internet connection that they’ll ever have.

  • Mobile broadband is really an easy access to internet. It’s not just cheaper than before, but you can also use it independently. you don’t need to stay in a wi-fi zone area, just to have internet, and it’s free from security codes.

  • anybody ever used a plug-in wifi stick?i use it when im on the go and it is very convenient!

  • Mobile broadband means portability and convenience for those who wish to access the internet anytime and anywhere.

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