Hunting for a Good Domain Name

Domain names are crucial factors to your site. It is your identity in the internet. For web users and potential customers your domain name is your brand. It instantly adds credibility to your business. No wonder why a lot of business owners and huge corporations pay sky-high fees for a great domain name. A successful domain name makes successful online visibility and not to get lost in cyberspace.

Due to the great demand for domain names, finding an obtainable domain name can be done in various ways. However, it doesn’t change the fact that looking for an available name would still take a lot of creativity, strategy and patience.

Ways to Address Problems with Identify Appropriate Domain Names

For newbies – If creating a “killer” domain name from scratch is extremely challenging for pros, finding an obtainable domain name can be a daunting task when you are a newbie. However, if you do not have any idea what and where to look for one, there are free keyword suggestion tools to get you started. These tools will help you develop various combinations for keywords or key phrases for your targeted niche.

How to use free keyword suggestion tools

Here, all you have to do is enter a specific phrase or phrases, or words to locate the domain name you want. Once you do this, results will appear where you can choose from. Many offer the option of sorting by price range and extension, enabling filters to sort out the less desirable results.

By utilizing these tools, you will be able to establish some filters that will help you locate relevant keyword or key phrases that generate the highest volume every month. Its major benefit is generating income through price per click services. Plus you could attract an increased number of viewers and clients through this process.

Although the key phrases or keywords having the highest pay may not be accessible, you can still discover a lot of other domain names in the middle class and eventually, you can increase its look volume as your site progresses. Keywords plus a catchy brand name word are viable options.

Use of analyzers

As soon as you have identified your goal key phrases, it is now the time to determine if you can get accessible domains out of it. You could use numerous tools, otherwise known as analyzers in order to perform such process. By simply entering the key phrases on the search bar of the interface, you will be able to see a list of available domain names. You just have to choose the best and the ideal one for your business.

For unavailable domain names – You might have listed hundreds of possible domain names for your business that can best target your niche. But the results came in and nothing on your list was available. It was either the name has already been taken or currently in use. Yes, it was frustrating but what choice do you have?

Sure you could wait for the domain to expire but then again you wouldn’t want to wait that long. Now, if you have just started with your business then you can purchase premium domains.

What Are Premium Domains?

Premium domains, otherwise known as aftermarket domains, secondary market domains, and pre-registered domains, are domain names that have been registered in the past and are being offered for resale. Typically, these are keyword rich domains, free of dashes and numerals and having fewer than 4 words.

One of the advantages of premium domains is its marketability. They are easy to remember and often associated with popular search terms, making them more attractive than domains taken from domain registrars.


Always remember that it takes time, effort and resources before you can find the perfect domain name for your business. This is a worthwhile activity since you can learn and experience firsthand how it is to establish your own website. In the end, just make sure to be creative and accurate. Familiarize yourself with current domain sales so you will be equipped to make an appropriate bid on a desirable domain name.

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  • I think that it has become really hard nowadays to find the *.com domain for the business name you are looking for, as almost every domain has been registered and most of the time they are not even in use. But there are also a lot of domain name suggestion tools online that might be helpful.

    • Personally I would look at other options like .net or .org. When I start up new sites I use .info a lot.

      If you find a domain is taken and not being used then you could always try and buy it from the owner. 🙂

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