How to Secure your WordPress Website?

Hackers have become increasingly common and many blog owners don’t know the proper steps to take to ensure additional security for their blog. Because WordPress is an open source blogging website, there are many different steps that can be taken to add extra security to a blog. There are many different plug-ins available for WordPress blogs that can be used to ensure added safety. These plug-ins are good to have for many different reasons. They will detect any suspicious activity and report it to the user. They will also keep the website from being blacklisted. Also, they can fix any security threats that have been made. Some of the best security plug-ins available for free are:

1. Server Buddy

Server Buddy is a plug in that seeks out any problems that may occur with your blog. It also tests the configuration with the server and studies your webhost quality. This plug in also offers explanations those are easy to understand when any problems are found. Server Buddy also checks out the files permissions on the blog and will let the user know if they are secured properly against hackers. Server Buddy is easy to understand, even for beginners.

2. Limit Login Attempts

Limit Login Attempts is a great plug in that limits the amount of log in attempts someone can make while trying to access your blog. This program limits the amount of login attempts by IP address. This plug in alerts the user when there have been numerous attempts to log in. Limit Login Attempts is fully customizable so the user gets exactly what they want out of this program.

3. WordPress Exploit Scanner

The WordPress Exploit Scanner scans the files on the user’s blog, including the comments. It alerts the user of anything that might be suspicious, but doesn’t delete any files and will not stop a hacker from attacking, but it will let the user know that there is suspicious activity on their blog.

4. Stealth Login

Stealth Login allows users to create custom URLs for different things including logging in, logging out, and for administration and registering the blog. Using “stealth mode” prevents anyone from being able to log into the blog. Stealth Login has many different features that make it hard for the hackers to even be able to find out where to login to your blog. It also prevents bots from accessing the blog. With this plug in, you can actually hide the Admin area on your blog by creating a very unique URL.

Blog owners should never wait before it’s too late to secure their blog. Their blog may never be the same after an attack. By using plug-ins that are not only free, but easy to use, it ensures additional safety on your blog. If there is any suspicious activity going on in your blog, you will know right away, which gives the uses peace of mind. It’s definitely better to be protected against hackers!

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