How To Rank High for Organic Searches

Well! My title of the article is very clear, as it says ranking high for organic searches. I do hope that you as a blogger or website owner know about search engines like Google, Bing, AOL, Yahoo etc. Your entire profit depends upon how you rank in those search engines especially Google. Firstly let me explain what are Organic searches. Organic searches are nothing but the search results that you find on the left hand side of the search result page. On right hand side you might have noticed ads. We will try to understand how search engine works so that you can rank high for organic searches.

Modern Search Engines

Modern search engines like Google are very complicated. Even most advanced search engine experts cannot exactly understand how a search engine works? It is very complex and sophisticated piece of technology. Moreover an ordinary blogger does not know anything about the code or the algorithms working behind a search engine. Only way to have an elementary understanding of a search engine is through learning Search engine optimization or SEO. Without basic knowledge of SEO it is quite difficult to rank high for organic searches.

Website Structure

In last paragraph I talked about SEO, in this paragraph we will discuss more about it. Website structure or website design is very important part of SEO techniques. As a blogger you may not be aware of technology or codes that goes behind running a website. Your blog runs on very critical codes that are developed by expert programmers. SEO experts can tune-in codes of your websites to rank high for organic searches. However there are many basic things or tips that even a novice blogger can learn.

The Content

Content of your website is the most essential factor if you want to rank high in search engines. Content is King. So if you write fresh and good content the search engine’s bots will pick up your blog very quickly. Google is always looking for quality content. Hence if you are not a SEO expert then your good content can make up for it.  In fact many successful bloggers have no idea about codes or programming however they are genuine bloggers who can write good blog posts. Google loves good content.


Keeping an eye on your competitors can really help you to understand how other bloggers are writing for a particular niche. Simply knowledge of basic SEO techniques is not enough, you have to follow your competing bloggers to know what strategies they are adopting. This is a fact if you are a new blogger then it is really difficult to compete with bloggers who are already present there for years. However with keeping an eye on them you can reverse engineer their techniques and rank above them. So always know your competing bloggers in your niche.


In conclusion I would only say if you want to succeed as a blogger then you have to rank high in organic searches. Firstly try to understand how a modern search engine like Google works. Secondly look at codes that run behind a blog, it is called as HTML. Thirdly give emphasis on creating good content especially when you do not want to learn codes. Last but not the least always keep an eye on your competitors so that you can reverse engineer on them.

Dean Saliba

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