How To Increase Your Retweets

Do you have a retweet button for your posts on your blog? I am going to assume that you do have one, as more and more people are implementing them in the hope that readers and visitors will share posts on Twitter, Facebook and many other social networking sites.

But is it getting you the kind of results that you were hoping for?

When I first started using a retweet button I would look at some blogs and see their articles being retweeted by over 200+ people and would rub my hands together with glee at how many people would be exposed to my articles if 200+ people retweeted them.

So you can imagine how disheartened I had become when I would eagerly check my stats and see only one retweet on some of my posts and no retweets on the majority of the others. Why was nobody retweeting my posts? Were they so terrible? I’d seen worse written ones on other blogs gaining lots of retweets.

Then someone kindly showed me what I was doing wrong.

Firstly click on your retweet button and take a quick look at what your tweet will say.

Does it look like this?

[Blog Title] [Link]

If it does then you are missing out on not only retweets but also the possibility of gaining some followers on your Twitter account. There are even some who have not even bothered to shorten the link.

The correct way (I believe) is to have it display like such:

[Blog Title] [Link] via @indblog


RT @indblog [Blog Title] [Link]

People are very lazy. If you put obstacles in their way then they will simply give up, this is very true when it comes to online. Want proof? Force people to register with your blog to post comments and watch the comment count tumble. πŸ™‚

You want people to just click on your retweet button and retweet your post, you don’t want them to have to shorten the url and then find you on Twitter to get hold of your Twitter username.

But How Does This Help With My Twitter Following?

Although this article is mainly about getting more retweets it can help increase your Twitter following. Say a popular Twitterer comes to your blog, likes what he sees and retweets your post to their followers, if you have your username in the retweet some of their followers might like your post and decide to follow you.

Dean Saliba

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