How to Get The Most Out of Your Facebook Business Page

Keeping your Facebook business page is no longer sufficient if your objective is to drive traffic to it. It is equally important to keep its content optimized so that traffic will not only be driven to it but retained at the same time. The good news is that there are a number of ways that you can utilize to make your Facebook business page effective and competitive.

Customize Your Facebook Fan Page

Put your brand in your Facebook Business URL. This creates uniqueness and emphasizes what your page is all about. You can also take advantage of Facebook’s tabs which you can link to your website and vice-versa. These tabs could either be testimonials on your Facebook Business page, about promotions or coupons, or even be information about products and services that you offer.

Utilizing Photographs and Pictures and Other Visual Media

Remember that most people are visual creatures. This means that they can understand things more if they are able to see it. Taking this into account, you can design your Facebook Photo in such a way that it shows what your service is all about. Since this will appear on every page that you have, you have to be extra care in designing your Facebook Photo. You could actually use the Photo Strip feature of Facebook to customize your pictures. Taking advantage of Facebook‘s Slideshare feature and merging content with other social media like YouTube and Twitter can also help increase your page’s marketing effectivity.

Start Contests

People love prizes and there is no effective way of encouraging people to visit your page by inviting them to join your contest. By using the Wildfire function, you can design your contest which is applicable for Facebook’s guidelines. You can also link it to your business website which in turn offers coupon which leads back to your Facebook Business Page.

Learn To Aim To The Right Market

One of the most important things that you should remember when it comes to marketing is knowing your target market. The great thing about Facebook is that you can customize your posts to only appear to a select number of people. By taking advantage of this feature, you can increase the chances of getting business from the right group of people.

These are some of the most effective ways to endorse your Facebook Business Page. Take note that your webpage content is still important especially if you are posting the links on your Facebook page. Simply build your Facebook Business Page around what you sell and then you can eventually drive traffic to your website. This will then be converted to potential sales and of course, profit.

Dean Saliba

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  • The use of Social Media like Facebook is really one of the best and fastest ways to promote business for free today. Knowing that Facebook is free, you are promoting your business through a page which can be accessed by millions of people in a single click. All that and more for free.

  • Putting your brand withing your Facebook business URL is one of the best advices you gave in this article.

    People like to do business with someone they’re familiar with and know about, and putting your brand in your URL will help you to win trust in your potential customers as they begin to see your brand over and over again.

    Aiming to the right market is also important so that you get the attention of people that really need your service. Thanks for sharing.

  • There are third party services that let’s you customize your Facebook Fan Page. However, I found them expensive. And the free version that they are offering is not enough to make the page appealing.

    Starting a contest can be expensive. So to start with, run a poll or survey first.

  • The awesome thing about Social Media is that depends only on your creativity. It’s all about creating awesome content and engage people with your brand. We are our own agencies. We are creators and developers of our brands. New times.

    • And if you are not creative enough then I’d suggest hiring someone who is. 🙂

      I’m hoping that 2012 will bring me a bit of a creativity boost so I can boost my presence on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Facebook business page can help you in getting most visitors and traffic to your website and you can make a brand name to get customers.

  • Excellent article, I am just in the process of setting up a Facebook page for my website so this has come in very handy. I think the initial test will be getting the first wave of “likes” once the page is set up.

  • The most important part of your business and social media is the interaction between your followers and your business. If you do not have the time or are not willing to put out the effort of engaging your audience than social media is going to be an epic fail for your business.

  • Many business get the most clients from word of mouth, which makes Facebook all the more powerful than a simple search engine rank. If your friends are recommending your business, then their friends and families might see you and hire you.

  • Thanks for the reminder – I still haven’t figured out how to take advantage of my Facebook photography business page to promote my site. Nonetheless, you never know how far an internet wave may reach, and by posting my work on Facebook I’ve probably reached out to clients whom I didn’t even know.

    • Well you could share some pictures with FB friends and leave your link at the bottom of the pic. If the pictures are nice then they will be shared by quite a lot of people.

  • It’s a simply exceptional article. I feel what exactly you make aren’t only sensible nonetheless definitely nicely presented. Thank you so much.

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