How to Get More Comments for your Blog

Blogs are found in their thousands and bloggers find an outlet for their innermost thoughts and views. Often blogs are written to invite comments and a more conversational style of exchange of ideas. But disappointingly, no comments appear and what could have been an interesting dialogue over the net, fizzles out as a post and nothing more.

This is frustrating, but instead of being de-motivated and stopping the blog posts, perhaps it is time to think of ways to invite comments and get readers more involved in the topic of discussion. There are many changes that can be made to the blog posts to ensure that some comments appear. Some of these include:

  1. Questions will get answers- Most readers spend very little time reading a blog post, absorb the information and move on. Posting a thank you or providing feedback does not seem to happen. However, if a valid and relevant question was to be part of the blog, it would surely get answers in the comment section. Serious readers will try to find the right answer or give their own perspective on the issue, and thus get more involved. It is one great way to start an intelligent discussion.
  2. The occasional comment must be replied to- While getting comments may not be easy, but the few comments that do appear, must get replies. A response is another way of carrying the discussion forward and can also be used to give the reader more food for thought. This is a good tactic to engage the readers and carry on the thread of discussion.
  3. Missing a point- On a well known subject, if a critical point is left out in the blog post, it is sure to be spotted by the discerning reader and he will not hesitate to point it out. Acknowledging the slip up and adding some more gets the conversation going through comments.
  4. Comments must be easy to post- It must be very easy for a reader to post a comment since a complicated procedure with many steps will put off every person who is in a hurry, which inevitably all web surfers are.
  5. Allow readers to edit comments- It has been found by many that editing comments makes readers more amenable to commenting, since they have the option of cutting out a part or deleting the comment altogether.
  6. Add blogging widgets and plug-ins since these allow a reader to subscribe to the comments of a blog post without necessarily staying on the blog page.
  7. Check out preferred topics that invite comments- It is easy to find which topics are preferred by people from their comments, and it is a good idea to explore those topics further.
  8. Allow profile creation and linking to website- This can work for mutual benefit since other website owners can be tempted to comment since it gives them an opportunity to create a profile and link it to their website, which then can generate traffic to their advantage.

Blogs take time to become popular and even longer to cultivate a fan following or even a loyal readership. Once a target audience is identified, it is ideal to post blog updates on topics that will interest them and elicit comments.

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Dean Saliba

Dean Saliba is a freelance writer, professional blogger, media enthusiast, dirty football player and huge professional wrestling fan who covers a wide range of subjects and niches including, making money online, traffic generating, pro wrestling, blog reviews, football, how-to guides, music, internet marketing and more.


  • Well, one thing that makes me wanna do comments is that there is no registration before you can do commenting. Then, you’re right that it is very important to acknowledge every comment given, authors response to every comments is essential.

  • The fifth point that you quoted “Allowing the reader to edit comments” is a crucial one. I have hardly seen blogs allowing that feature. It can go a long in bringing quality bloggers to your blog. Plus replying to a comment also increases the interest of the person commenting on a post.

    • I use the IntenseDebate plugin for the comment section of this blog and I’m not sure allowing commentators to edit their own comments is an option they offer.

  • Spammers has been one of my biggest problem too..they get creative everyday

  • Nice Post!!

    All points well said…another important point that I can think of is we should also take equal interest in the posts of other bloggers as we would like them to take in ours. We should leave valid and useful comments on other posts. This is another way of networking and getting to know your blogger community and also making the blog more interactive and sharing your ideas with all.

    As a blogger, feedback from readers is very very important. Giving one word choices to the readers to select from will definitely encourage the readers to leave comments.

    And how about Comment Contests!! This idea really works!!

    • Absolutely, only yesterday I personally emailed five bloggers to tell them how much I enjoyed their posts and gave them my thoughts on the subjects they covered.

      They all replied quickly to tell me how happy my email had made them.

      I intend to launch my first contest next year so stay tuned for that! 🙂

  • yes, these are the wonderful tips about comments bloging and I am sure if we follow these guidelines then we can get good search engine traffic as well.

    Thanks again for your productive work.

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