How to Get Leads from Linkedin

LinkedIn is the most popular social media site for businesses and professionals and can benefit small businesses in many ways. Not only does LinkedIn help you to stay connected with your business partners and vendors, but it can also help you to make new business contacts. Whether you are looking for quality leads for your business in terms of clients, investors, vendors, suppliers, business partners, or even affiliates – LinkedIn is the place to go.

Tips on getting leads from LinkedIn

  • Get on the website: This may sound like a very obvious thing but the only way to start getting leads from LinkedIn is to create your profile on the website. Make sure that your profile is complete in every regard and is absolutely clear about who you are and what business you are in. Do list your current and past work experiences so that people can understand and appreciate your expertise and hence want to connect with you. Also ensure that your profile has a current photograph as most potential clients simply skip profiles if they cannot see who they are doing business with.
  • Make yourself easy to be found: Make sure that you have appropriate keywords related to your business on your profile. These keywords should appear in your headline, your summary, your experience and even in the section where you add websites. The only way to attract leads is to make yourself visible on the LinkedIn website. Also, ensure that all your contact details are up to date so that prospective leads can get in touch with you once they have found you. Have at least one website of your business linked to your LinkedIn profile. If people have to waste time looking for such obvious information, they will simply move on to the next most accessible person.
  • Participate in LinkedIn Groups: Even if you cannot actively participate in a group, you should at least try and be a member of as many LinkedIn Groups related to your business as you can. All group members have the facility to contact each other even if they are not connected on LinkedIn. Hence, being a part of the groups allows you to be potentially contacted by any of the thousands of people on these groups.
  • LinkedIn recommendations: You should have a minimum of 3 LinkedIn recommendations on your profile from previous clients so that prospective clients can take you seriously too.

By spending a few minutes each day using the above mentioned tips, you can start getting great leads from LinkedIn.

Dean Saliba

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  • I’ve been on Linkedin for a couple of years now but never really took the time to update it on a regular basis. I usually do it when I need a job, like when I need to update my resume. After reading this article, I know realize how Linkedin can be a great source of business contacts and opportunities. So now, I’m gonna have to pay more attention to it. Thanks!

    – Cristina

    • I was exactly the same as you Cristina, I only updated my profile when I was looking for work. Glad to know the post might hav e urged you (and others) to update more regularly.

  • Hi,

    LinkedIn is a great place to get leads. So easy to go through and find prospective clients. I agree about the recommendations – it’s a must.

    Good article.

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