How to Get 1,000 Views Every Day – Increase Your Traffic Now!

Don’t let a lack of traffic stop you from blogging! Most inexperienced bloggers get only 15 to 50 views per day on their websites, which is not enough to earn a well-deserved monthly income. Some bloggers work hard but do not understand strategies for getting the right traffic and target market to their websites. They continue to write with the hope that readers will discover their blogs and traffic will skyrocket overnight. They even spend thousands of dollars to market their blogs! However, bloggers must be patient and utilize free promotion to make money. Try these methods to increase your traffic today:

Free Strategies to Promote Your Blog:

Use Search Engine Optimization Techniques

When starting your blog, make sure you have a focus and stick to it. Create a plan to mix your passion with your joy of writing. For example, if you enjoy writing about cooking, choose three to five keywords that have low competition. Let’s say your keywords are “how to bake cupcakes,” “how to make a pie,” and “designing a wedding cake.” When visitors search Google for those words, your website will appear on the first page of results. Once you have established your website’s keywords, place them in your page title, content, and tags. On the WordPress blogging platform, you can do this on-page SEO by installing All in One or Yoast SEO. For off-page SEO that allows readers to find you on Google, participate in guest blogging, blog commenting, and article submission that will help rank your website.

Participate Actively on Social Networks

Joining Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social networking websites is wonderful, but you must engage your audience in order to gain loyalty. You can post relevant articles that you have written or from other websites or create polls for your readers. On Twitter, you should try to “tweet” at least three times per day. By remaining active on social media outlets, you can direct tremendous traffic to your blog.

Write for Top Blogs

Guest blogging is a fundamental way to boost your rankings on search engines. Writing for trendy blogs can increase your traffic and improve your page rankings at the same time. You can start by emailing the moderators of blogs in your niche, asking if you can contribute an original article to their blogs. Aim to write two or more guest blogs per month, and include your keywords in the title and content. If the guest blogger will let you, you can also provide a short bio for yourself and a URL for your website.

Comment on Niche Blogs

Unlike guest blogging where you must write 400 or more words, blog commenting allows you to leave your website link in the comment box. You can search for blogs within your niche and add useful comments to the articles. When your input is valuable, readers will be inclined to click your URL and view your website. Blog commenting also builds quality back links, which can boost your page rankings and increase your traffic.

Join Highly Ranked Article Directories

Developing back links enhances search engine optimization by improving your page rank and gaining more traffic from Google. You can submit unique content to article directories to build back links. Be careful to avoid websites that promise automated submission of your original articles to thousands of directories. Instead, find ten article directories that are highly ranked on Google, such as hubpages and articlesbase, and submit articles to them.

If you use these strategies, you will gradually increase your traffic on your website. Please feel free to share your thoughts and questions in the comment box below.

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