How To Fix WordPress Internal Server Error

Anyone who has used WordPress for even a small amount of time will be only too aware of the pain when you try to access it and are confronted with the dreaded 500 Internal Server Error. It normally happens either at a busy time or when you want to publish a new post.

99% of the time the problem will lay with a problem with your .htaccess file. For reasons I am unable to explain the file can become corrupt at times. Some will say this is due to some plugins but I am not 100% certain of this.

Fixing the problem should be straight forward.

1. Back up your current .htaccess file. (This is incredibly important!)

2. Delete all of the information from your .htaccess file and save it i.e. upload a blank .htaccess file.

3. Your blog should now be usable again so go into the admin area and set your permalink structure again.

4. Open your new working .htaccess file in an editor. Now copy over all the non WordPress .htaccecss information from your old backed up .htaccess file eg. any search engine htaccess information, ip blocks etc – basically everything Non-WordPress that you added before.

If you find that adding all the code from the previous .htaccess file is causing an Internal Server Error again then remove it all and enter the information back to the working .htaccess file line by line to see what is causing the problem.

Thanks to Kevin Muldoon from Blog Themes Club for providing the solution to this.

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12 thoughts on “How To Fix WordPress Internal Server Error

    • deansaliba Post author

      Have you tried the solution above? If you read the comments on here you ill see this solution has worked for people.

      Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

  1. Rita

    Hello! I am having the same problem, except it is affecting all of my wordpress blogs (I have about 5) I would like to try this solution but I am not finding the .htaccess file anywhere. I am using my host's cpanel to access my files. Any idea on where I may find it?

  2. Brno

    Thanks for the solution. This 500 is more than just annoying thing. Developers of wordpress release more and more security updates, and almost forgot that engine must be stable and reliable as well….

  3. Business Loans

    Thanks for sharing us this solution. It very helpful to know that 99% of this problem has a common cause. This should directly help everyone what to do in case it happens again.

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