How to Disable Right Click on WordPress

Possibly one of the most frustrating things that can happen to you as a writer is when somebody steals your content. They right click on your blog and then copy and paste your hard written work into their blogs and forums.

It is impossible to stop people doing it completely but there are things you can do to make things difficult for them. One way to put an obstacle in their way is to install a plugin called WP-Copyright-Protection.

What I like about this particular plugin is that it does not come with any configurations to make, you just install it and activate it and leave it to protect your blog from scrapers.

Download the plugin from this link

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8 thoughts on “How to Disable Right Click on WordPress

  1. greg ascentive

    It honestly really annoys me when websites have a right-click menu disabling plugin installed… there are so many legitimate reasons to right-click on a regular basis, which I employ constantly throughout my web-surfing, which have nothing to do with stealing anyone’s content! And aside from all that, tech-savvy folks can actually get around a right-click in-browser block if they really want to take the content.

  2. Komodo Dragon

    Thanks for the heads up about the plugin. I’ve been noticing that my content has been lifted by some others quite a bit recently after doing extensive searching. It is a shame that people cannot be original and only want the easy way out.

  3. pencil art

    Still it’s not impossible to steal content, but I do agree that this makes it harder for most potential content thieves.

    On the other side, not everybody is after stealing your content. Most of your readers are genuine people that might try to copy paste a few words to google them. I know that’s what I do sometimes. And it’s pretty frustrating to type words or complicated names into google instead using copy paste.

    • Dean Saliba Post author

      I know it isn’t 100% foolproof. For instance you could just save the page to your PC and edit the HTML.

      If you want to copy and paste then I’m sure you can still do it by pressing Ctrl & C.

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