How to Auto Retweet Old Posts That Still Have Something to Offer

It is an age old problem: you write an article that is still just as relevant and informative today as it was three or four years ago when you first published it, but now it is lost in the blog and the only way your visitors will be able to find it is if they are lucky enough to discover it via a search engine search – and that won’t be many.

Sharing these articles on social media sites is something that not only helps to drive visitors to these articles, but it will also help you with your search engine ranking as well as Google loves articles and pages that are being shared on social media sites.

While you can manually share these articles yourself it can become very tiresome and tedious if you have a lot of them. Thankfully there is a plugin that will do the sharing for you.

Revive Old Post plugin (formally known as Tweet Old Posts) will share articles on Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn for you. Not only that but you can also decide if you want newer articles to be included, you can exempt specific categories and you can even determine how often these articles are shared (I find 1 every 4 hours to work for me).

Possibly the best thing about this plugin is that it is 100% FREE!

There is a premium version available which allows you to add multiple accounts (the free version only allows one account on each social media site), share images, and more extensive support. But the free version will do most of what you want.

Dean Saliba

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