How Guest Posting is Still Effective

It might have been around for a while, but guest posting really exploded into our lives early last year as a fantastic way of not only building backlinks, but also as a way of driving traffic to your blog and spreading your name around in your niche.

When guest posting started becoming popular early last year I made a bold claim that Google would not stand for this and would do something within the next year to try and stop people using guest posting to benefit their own blogs, it is a little over a year but Google has started to attack these people with their latest updates.

Although Google is trying to stamp down on guest posting it is still a very effective method if you do it in the correct way.

1. Guest Post on Quality Blogs

It is important to make sure that the blogs you are publishing guest posts on are of a high quality, after all if you guest post on a blog with copied content and spammy links then you won’t get any traffic from that blog and you will be penalised for linking with low quality sites. Check PR and Alexa rank of blogs for a good idea.

2. Guest Post on Blogs that in The Same Niche

One of the most important rules of building backlinks is to make sure you are building links on sites that are in the same kind of niche as your own blog, this is also true when it comes to guest posting, there is little point in writing a post about where to travel on a blog that is about music or Brass Mouthpieces at WWBW.

3. Don’t Rely on Guest Posts too Much for Your Blog

As a blog owner it is so easy to become too reliant on guest posts, I know as I have done it before, if you do fall into this trap then you will be looked upon in the same way as a blog who makes too many sponsored posts and will find your PR gone in an instant. A good rule of thumb is 1 guest post in every three.

4. Don’t Label Guest Posts as Guest Posts

This is something that causes quite a bit of debate: is it wrong to label your guest posts as guest posts? I personally don’t see anything wrong with it but it is something I avoided doing as a habit from when I first started writing sponsored posts.

5. Check the Links Before you Publish

This is something that a lot of blog owners do without even thinking about, you are told to always make sure that the content is unique, but rarely are you told to check what the links in the post are pointing to. Are they pointing to spammy sites? Inappropriate material?

Dean Saliba

Dean Saliba is a freelance writer, professional blogger, media enthusiast, dirty football player and huge professional wrestling fan who covers a wide range of subjects and niches including, making money online, traffic generating, pro wrestling, blog reviews, football, how-to guides, music, internet marketing and more.


  • I was all the time thinking that by contributing as guest post to other blogs I will be loosing one post to my own blog. But I never realized that unless I interact with others in the internet community I will not get traffic to my own blog.

    • You could look at it like that, but I prefer to look at the great traffic you could get from publishing the post on a more popular site. 🙂

  • I believe so much in Guest posting and i have been doing that for years now. if you can get your content published on niche related websites, then you will definitly see a boost in your ranking.

    • Have you started targeting higher quality blogs yet? Google is starting to get on top of this kind of linkbuilding just like they have done with other methods. And guest posting on low quality blogs is being penalised.

  • Very good and suggestive post. I never thought in this way that I can use guest blogging as my own advantage too. Thanks.

    • Glad I turned you on to the idea. 🙂 If you write articles about making money online, SEO, blogging, or WordPress, then please note that I am looking for guest posts. 🙂

  • Nice Article…I liked your Writing Skill. Guest Posting is a very good way to earn traffic.It is best method for getting huge audiences from different Blogs.

  • Wow, so you say that guest posting is still effective right??? Any place that hat great list of guest posting sites???

  • I believe that in order for us to earn traffic on our site, we must do guest posting. It is actually one of the best method to gain audiences from other blogs. But we must make sure that what we are posting is relevant to the topic of the blogger.

  • It is right that Google has started checking guest blogging quality and links, many SEO companies have plenty of their own blogs as they add “guest blogging” on which Google ranking high, but now they have started to take them down in the rankings, so check the quality of the blog before you submit an article as a guest blogger.

  • Hey Dean
    Guest posting its an best way to build quality back links and getting engage with other bloggers which will help to build some good relationship which recently am working on it

    • Just make sure you check the quality of the blogs you are guest posting on as Google is going to start hitting in the same way as they do with other link build techniques.

  • Informative post as always Dean, this could be very useful for me as I do guest blogging. Great post!

  • Hi Dean, I didn’t clearly understand the reason behing not labeling the guest posts. I mean does it have any negative effect? As far as I have heard guest posting is all about the benefit of both parties. Can you please explain?

    • As I understand it Google is starting to crack down on guest posts and people are suggesting not tagging it as a guest post just like we do with sponsored posts, to make it harder for Google to spot them.

  • Guest posting on famous blogs in your niche is really a good technique to draw traffic. People notice your presence on these blogs, and if your content and business concept sound good people will definitely contact you. Thanks for sharing the post Dean.

  • Right . Quality guest post is effective . If you get guest post related to your blog niche it will give time to you without loosing your regular blog readers .

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