Four Tips to a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Try checking your inbox and you will probably find hundreds of unopened emails. Most of these emails will probably be from websites where you entered your email address. The most natural reaction towards these emails is to delete them. However, there are a few of those emails which you just cannot wait to open. 

If you are the one sending these emails, what are the guidelines that you must follow to ensure an effective email marketing campaign? One very important aspect of local business marketing is the ability to reach out to one’s target audience. The very first but crucial step to any email marketing campaign is for recipients of these newsletters to feel compelled to open and read these emails.

Tip #1 Subject lines should be interesting. The subject must be interesting and catchy enough so that recipients will be intrigued enough to open the email. This is because most of the time readers will not take the time anymore to open the individual emails in their inbox before deciding to move any one into the trash bin. Although you must make the subject line as engaging and catchy as possible, that does not mean you are allowed to mislead your readers with deceptive subject lines.

Tip #2 Make your email easy to read. People will be discouraged to read an email that is filled with long paragraphs and that email will most likely end up in the trash bin. By using bullets, you can relay important information with your recipient only having to read a couple of one-liners. Including relevant pictures will also help to get the message across.

Tip #3 Place a call to action. Readers need to know exactly what you expect them to do after reading your newsletter. One of a marketer’s common blunders is to assume that the recipients will instantly know what to do and how to react after reading their newsletters. Whether you want your reader to download an e-book or purchase an item, make sure that you place the appropriate instructions in your newsletter.

Tip #4 Include all of your contact information. One of the hallmarks of a scam is the absence of a point person’s contact details. To give your newsletter a sense of professionalism and assure your recipients that what you are offering is legitimate and not a scam, include all of your contact details in your email. Most importantly, include your website so readers can click on the link should they want more information.

Dean Saliba

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