Four Major Mistakes to Avoid in Your SEM Campaigns

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns is a type of Internet marketing campaign that raises websites visibility in SERPs (search engine results pages) and is achieved by a combination of a number of strategies such as off-page and on-page optimization as well as advertisements (contextual ads, paid placements and inclusions). Whether you’re new to search engine marketing or an old pro, be sure to avoid these four major mistakes in your SEM campaigns.

Concentrating on Main Keyword Phrases Only

If you want to be successful in SEM campaigns, you need to ensure you concentrate on both the main keywords as well as long-tail keywords (also known as LSI keywords). The long-tail keywords are very important since they will ensure you target people who are looking for a certain specific thing. Such people are likely to buy compared to targeting people who get you through general terms or keywords. Furthermore, the use of long-tail keywords will ensure you get a higher ROI and click conversion. While planning your SEM campaigns it is wise to ensure you include all the long-tail keywords that are closely related to what you are promoting in your SEM campaign.

Unwise Keyword Bidding

The second mistake you should avoid when you are conducting an SEM campaign is bidding for keywords foolishly. You need to look at various things on any keywords before bidding on it. Some of the important considerations include the cost of the keywords, how close it is to the specific products you are promoting in your SEM campaigns, the number of global searches that the specific keyword has and most important the competition on the keyword. Going for a highly competitive keyword might mean you will spend more. There are several keyword analysis tools, which you can use; including the free one offered by Google and it can help you know which keywords to choose.

Not Measuring SEM Campaign Results

The third deadly mistake that most people normally commit while carrying out their SEM campaigns is using the various methods of SEM campaigns without measuring each of the method’s effectiveness. You need to get a good analytic tool to help you measure the success of each SEM campaign strategy you have employed. Measuring SEM results is the only way to know which method works and which one does not work. You might be spending much of your resources on advertising yet what brings you better results is SEO.

Copying Tactics of Your Competitor

Most webmasters are fond of copying SEM strategies their competitors are using blindly without knowing the reasons why the strategies have been adopted. You need to come up with your own objectives and goals you need realized at the end of the SEM campaign. While doing so, take into account the size of budget you have. When you start measuring your own results, you need to implement some of the obvious changes that your SEM analysis reveals. A good SEM campaign needs to be changed from time to time after measuring the results it brings.

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