Earning Extra Money With Your Minivan

Having your own Chrysler Minivan or simply any mid-sized vehicles entitles you to earn extra money. Try looking at your local newspaper for there are times that there will be a local newspaper route available. You can also go through some classified ads for there are some opportunities there like hiring for a delivery driver. Go through your local job board for you might find a posting for picking and dropping of groceries for someone who will be willing to pay you. And if you wish to begin your very own business, you can start with airport shuttle service or even any kind of shuttle or taxi services given that you have your license according to your city or state’s laws.

Delivering newspapers is a very good way to gain a little extra amount of money and in many cities you are considered to be an independent contractor. Oftentimes, there are more than one route available and relying on the amount of newspapers to be delivered, one can always pick up or drop as many routes he can comfortably handle. Just be prepared to work seven days a week if you opt to deliver bigger papers. Some of the independent newspapers only send once or twice a week so if you are thinking of such business you better start calling some offices to know what will fit your schedule.

Read the classified ads of newspapers and try to find if there are openings as delivery driver. Some of these companies are willing to pay to use your van to deliver packages for them that are too huge to be placed at the back of the car. Looking for a company that is willing to cover the cost of your fuel would be great and some pay per mileage too.

Search on your local job board or even at the bulletin board located in a Laundromat or store for some people might be looking for someone who can do their weekly shopping for them perhaps because they are elderly or disabled and really can make use of your help. Just think if you have couple of these clients in a week or in a few days. It could really be something that would turn out to have a nice pay for you.

If you wish to begin your own business and go through right channels to get licensed then there are services you can provide such as picking up people from the airport and taking them to their hotel. You can charge a flat fee for a one way or round trip. Having several passengers going to same area is an advantage and scheduling daily departures to and from the airport will surely give you nice income.

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  • If you have the extra time and are a motivated person, I say go for it! Its always nice to earn a little extra cash by doing a paper route, while I was in high school, a friend of mine did it, and was earning pretty decent money.


    • I love the amount of ways people come up with to make money. I used to make money at school by selling cans of drinks at a cheaper price than the school tuck shop. 🙂

  • Interesting post. It always surprises me how many people don’t notice the connection between offline and online income oppurtunities. The fact is that once you learn how to make money online, many of the same ideas can easily be transferred offline.

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