Does Google Favor Brands?

There has been a lot of talk about Google practicing favoritism towards brands. A common thought is that Google does not appreciate new sites, but instead likes to cement brand names in as the staple for great search results. How can a new product or service being offered ever be able to compete with a brand name? That is a great question. Actually that was a great question before the internet came around, and before SEO was even thought of. A lot of people are complaining that Google is favoring brands, but before you point fingers – do you favor brands?

I read a few articles dictating Google as a brand loving biased search engine. A lot of the information was relevant, and the points were pretty good themselves. But, next time you read an article bashing Google for being biased towards brands, just take a look around. Start with your clothing. Do you see any brands? Nike, Gap, Guess, and the list goes on depending on your preference. But don’t stop there, take a look in your cabinets. Do you have brand name coffee grounds? Do you have an iPhone, iPod, or evan an iMac?

Just to get it out on the table lets just say that Google is brand biased. Google’s search results are meant to be geared towards people that are looking for something they want. If you were ask an individual to pick between a brand name and an off brand product, nine times out of ten they would pick the brand name. This is because of a few reasons. Number one, brand names are being marketed every day, and people start recognize those products as something they would want. This isn’t only done on the internet, but it is also through television, print, and radio. The second reason that brands have more potential to be bought from is the quality that is associated with them. Brands emerge out of a successful business. Typically businesses have long term success due to the fact that they have excellent products, and excellent customer service to match.

So what is with all the talk regarding Google being biased. Well, some webmasters who are starting a new, read various things that make it seem like SEO is an easy process. The service of search is available to us because of the fact that people are looking for things for some sort of use. You can’t have SEO before you have quality products or services. It just doesn’t work that way. If you want to have a successful SEO and internet marketing strategy, then you have to have something to market towards your customers. Undeniably, many times this is not how website owners are acting. While getting to the top of the search engines is very important for your business, if you have nothing to back it up there is no way that it will be sustainable. Any business that invests in it what it is selling first will have much greater success in the long run.

Brands may be dominating the SERP’s more than some of us like. However, for as much as Google “likes” brands, all of us as just as, if not more guilty of the same biased approach towards brands. As a new webmaster looking to find a serious online presence, invest in what you are selling first. When people view your website they should want to buy because of the quality you are offering, not because you are number one in the rankings. Then after you have made a successful business based on quality, some SEO Services should really ramp up your SEO and boost you into the organic search results. Start off as a quality honest business, and then you may just becomes a brand yourself.

Dean Saliba

Dean Saliba is a freelance writer, professional blogger, media enthusiast, dirty football player and huge professional wrestling fan who covers a wide range of subjects and niches including, making money online, traffic generating, pro wrestling, blog reviews, football, how-to guides, music, internet marketing and more.


  • Quality services and products is a must that goes without saying. If you are not offering your customers something of quality then you shouldn’t be even thinking of having success.

    The problem appears when you are brand new and, although your products are just as good or even better, clients prefer branded items over yours.

    But from the G’s point of view that is normal because you must prove yourself to be trusted and of good value before your page will show up high in SERPs with the bigger already established brands.

    Like you said, one must first focus on quality and then on SEO.

  • I think that rather than it being a case that they favor brands, it is just that such brands are going to be written about on high profile, high pagerank sites as big brands have lots of PR spent on them.

    The big brands are more visible everywhere (inluding the internet), so it makes sense that they are also more visible in the SERPs which reflect that.

  • Google likes sites which have a tradition and which are reliable, so Apple, Microsoft etc., are likely to be favored by the search engine and by us. Of course it’s difficult to compete with such big names, but in your niche your company can be regarded as a trust brand 🙂 Sometimes it’s better to be the bigger fish in the small lake.

  • I don’t think so,I think Google is the best medium to advertise with and earn huge business and profit.Google launching services day by day and people getting advantage from it.

  • From my personal experience, Google does favor websites with authority. I do believe that brand rank better in search results.

  • Google favors big name brands so that searchers are looking for them first on Google and not Bing or Yahoo. That meen we others must work harder with SEO or use Google sponsored links instead and Google just earn more money…

  • Big brands are favored by Google, which I would say is not fare game. It does not give the small business a chance. How would a small business website get traffic if some big brand is number 1 on google…Oh.. OH.. OH I know that is what adsense is for.

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