Different Methods of Free Advertising Over the Web

Online advertising is the name of the promotion game in the new marketing and promotion field. While a company needs to spend a good amount of money on creating and using offline ads; the free online classified ads and the free classified websites make it possible for a businessman or entrepreneur to start his campaign free of cost. This can mean a great deal for small and medium business owners as well as individuals who need to get started. There are a number of methods that you can use to leverage the free advertising over the web.

Create visibility – You can insert keywords related to your business, product or service into the HTML<META> tags on your free classified website. You can also repeat them in the write up of your homepage. A clever usage of keywords can put your online classified ads at the top of search engine results.

Maximize the URL – Wherever you go on the net and whatever you do; put your URL on everything. Put it in your email signature and leave it with your comments and suggestions when you visit other pages and forums.

Submit your site wherever you can – There are a number of online directories like Yahoo Yellow Pages; that you can register with. There are also quite some industry and business associations that let you enlist your business on their website. Even individuals keep popular lists of resources. Your aim should be to find these lists and then place an entry for your business advertisement.

Blog – A blog is basically a collection of articles, essays, or thoughts. Mostly they are written by individuals and have become quite popular, in the past decade or so. You can use the blog to write articles related to your business or service. If written and placed well; they tend to attract quite a bit of traffic. You can even find software that can install a blog on your free classified website.

Exchange links – You can let a company insert its links to their product on your free online ads and that company will allow you to leave links to your page and products on their free classified website. There are companies like LinkLeads that help businesses reciprocation of links.

Email lists – You can create a list of your customers’ or users’ email addresses and send them special offers, new product announcements, useful information and discount coupons. There is a host of activities that can be done to promote and utilize email marketing on the net.

Online communities – Join the numerous online communities that are floating all over the cyber space and find thousands of people interested in the topics related to your product or service. You can simply post free online ads and classifieds or contribute to discussion groups on these forums and leave your URL or back link in the comments or suggestions.

Provide free info – Offer free information. Publish reports about your industry and educate and interest the customer in your product or service. Invest in your customers and you will more than receive your dues.

Free classified ads >– You can use the free classified ads offered by numerous free classified websites and search engines like Yahoo classifieds or Google Adserve. Most of these will allow posting back links leading the reader to your page or product website.

Alliances & Partnerships – You can always build mutually beneficial alliances and partnerships online with companies which provide complementary products and services. Make joint offers and promote each other. You can also provide links to each other’s websites.

Ezine – One of the less recognized but most effective ways is to create an email news letter (ezine). You can fill it with articles related to your, business, service or product and offer related news and information to your customer on a regular basis. This helps keep you in the eye and mind of your potential customers. You can then advertise your newsletter free of cost on a number of directory sites.

There is no end to the methods that you could come up with and use to advertise your business for free on the World Wide Web. The crucial factor is to think creatively and implement those ideas effectively. The internet is an extremely valuable and flexible tool that can bring you a lot of business and success, if used correctly and cleverly.

Dean Saliba

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  • Doing Free classified ads will also increase the number of clients to the business. Blogs are important way to promote or advertise the products or business. We can also do that by making Virtual Connection over the web. I like the information contained in this post..

  • Hey Priyanka,

    You’re definitely right about using free advertising to gain traffic and potential clients. However, a lot of the methods you’ve described are outdated and could get your website penalized if you use them too much. For example – link exchanges are very easily detected and could get both parties in trouble. Just my two cents…

  • these are great ways to get your site some more attention without breaking the bank. A lot of times people don’t know just where to start. It is a great way for begginers to start to learn just what and how to do it.

  • Thanks for sharing in detail these methods. I have been using most of them from quite sometime but I was not aware of some of them. This is really beneficial to me as I am newbie to all this.

  • Blogs are important way to promote or advertise the products or business. We can also do that by making Virtual Connection over the web. I like the information contained in this post..

  • These are some really good advice provided by you! You have pointed out some really excellent stuff that online marketers can use for their business and not to mention these are free stuff. It basically covers plenty of advertising tools and in it are the advantages that it brings to online businesses. I would recommend your “submit your site wherever you can” to everyone who are currently doing online business, this would be a really big help for them. Thanks for this brilliant list and post!

  • Awesome article…it is really very helpful for the beginners……

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