Create a Content Schedule Specifically for your Blog

Nowadays, nearly everyone has a blog, covering practically every topic imaginable. However, only a small portion of blogs possess a dedicated audience that does not consist of the writer’s loved ones and friends. What distinguishes these blogs from the endless others on the Internet? The main characteristic that differentiates active blogs is the content: more often than not, blogs with frequent, high quality content are likely to develop an audience and authority in its niche.

In general, there are two types of content schedules that are used by bloggers: daily or weekly content posts. The pros and cons of the two are listed in the following:

Daily Content Posts


The main advantage that arises from a high posting frequency is the increased amount of content. A daily content schedule allows writers to cover timely issues, responding quickly to current events. Readers are also provided with brand new content everyday, which can allow a blog to quickly gain a following. In addition, a daily content schedule also has a positive effect on the blog’s search engine ranking, as the increasing number of pages makes it easier for search engines to find the blog.


One of the main difficulties of a daily content schedule is to come up with diverse content every day. Writers are required to devise varied content posts, which can be difficult to maintain over time. In order to keep up with a daily schedule, bloggers writer shorter content, resulting in a decrease in post quality. Another disadvantage of a daily post schedule is the amount of time it takes to maintain the schedule. However, many blogs offset this problem by using multiple writers.

Weekly Content Posts


With a weekly schedule, bloggers release content on certain days of the week. A more lenient schedule, writers are able to spend more time on their articles and produce high quality posts. A weekly schedule is also easier to maintain and are frequently used by blogs that are managed by a single person.


In order for a blog to grow, it needs to have consistent, quality content. With a weekly content schedule, the blog is likely to take longer to grow and establish itself. Another con of relatively low posting frequency arises from interactions with the community: every blog post usually possesses a comments feature or another outlet for audience interaction. However, if the blog has fewer posts, then the blogger has a decreased chance of engaging his or her readers.

How to Maintain your Content Schedule

Regardless of the type of content schedule you choose, there are several important tips that every blogger should follow, in order to maintain a schedule.

Time Management:

Depending on the content schedule, some blogs may require more time commitment than others. However, every blogger needs time management skills in order to assure the success of the blog. In order to help with time management, many blogs have a “queue” feature, which allows posts to be scheduled for a certain day or time. This allows a blog to stay active without direct supervision by the writer.

Follow Your Niche:

Make sure that your content fits with the theme and niche of the blog. One of the risks of high posting frequency is the need to come up with consistent, quality content. Therefore, many bloggers may be tempted to write beyond the niche of their blog. However, this can have a negative effect on the quality, as well as drive away readers.

Have a Backup Plan:

Sometimes, situations arise while maintaining a blog, such as a missed deadline or a case of writer’s block. Avoid compromising your content schedule and write several backup blog posts in advance. Another option is to utilizing guest blogging, which allows contributors to post on your blog. Guest blogging allows for a fresh voice, bringing a new opinion to your site. In addition, guest bloggers often have their own audience, allowing their traffic to trickle to your blog.

Maintaining a consistent schedule can be a daunting task, especially for new bloggers. However, by choosing and following a content schedule, bloggers can experience an increase in traffic and readers, and watch their blog grow and flourish.

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